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The Cenotaph in Southampton.

The Southampton Cenotaph may be found in Watts Park in Southampton city centre. It was designed by Edward Lutyens, and originally dedicated to the casualties of World War 1, and was unveiled in 1920.  The soft stone used in its construction did not weather well, and in 2011 glass panels were unveiled with the names of the World War I casualties and, in addition, those from Southampton who had died in later conflicts.

Remembrance Day 2013

Remembrance Day 2013

There are  2368 names on the green glass panels. It was at this cenotaph that I spent my first Remembrance Day in the United Kingdom.The Titanic Engineers Memorial is across the street from the cenotaph.

Google Earth co-ordinates are: 50.909654°,  -1.405196°

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Portsmouth War Memorial

Again this was one of those accidental discoveries that I made while heading towards the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth. The site, which is close to the Guildhall Square  has two seperate memorials in it, the dominant one is for  World War 1, while the smaller is for World War 2.

World War Two Memorial.

Google Earth co-ordinates are:  50.798091°,  -1.092339°

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The Cenotaph on Central. Hong Kong

This cenotaph stands on a square in what is known as Central (Hong Kong Island) and was photographed in March 2008. I visited the SAI WAN War Cemetery in 2010 where many of those involved in the Battle for Hong Kong are buried, and this ties in with this cenotaph.
The local museum has a very interesting display relating to the occupation of the islands and surrounding mainland by the Japanese.

The grave of an Unknown Soldier in Sai Wan War Cemetery

The grave of an Unknown Soldier in Sai Wan War Cemetery

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Women of World War II Memorial

The Women of World War II Memorial is within sight of the Cenotaph in Parliament Street in London, and  is very close to the Cabinet War Rooms and The Ministry of Defence.  It was erected to commemorate the vital work done by over seven million women during World War II.

The Memorial was unveiled by Her Majesty The Queen on 9 July 2005.  Google Earth co-ordinates are:   51.503579°, -0.126177°

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The London Cenotaph

The Cenotaph in London may be found in Parliament Street and is very close to the Cabinet War Rooms and The Ministry of Defence. (Google Earth co-ordinates 51.502678°,  -0.126115°)

It was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, and was intended to commemorate the victims of the First World War, but is used to commemorate all of the dead in all wars in which British servicemen have fought. I believe it is based on the Cenotaph in Southampton, and the Cenotaph in Johannesburg and Hong Kong are based on this structure.  The dates of the First World War and the Second World War are inscribed on it in Roman numerals.

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Germiston and Districts War Memorial: Germiston

These photographs were taken on the 14th of  November 2009 at the Germiston and Districts War Memorial on the corner of Odendaal and President Strs. Germiston.

Sadly the memorial had been defaced and used as a drinking spot as well as a posterboard. Ironically, Remembrance Day was only a few days before. It is doubtful whether any remembering was done in Germiston in 2009.

In 2013 rumours of the memorial being stripped of its plaques started doing the rounds and this was confirmed by images I saw online (link may not be working) of a shell with no plaques. The area seemed to have been fenced too and it looked like some sort of development was being done around the site. I could however not confirm anything about where the plaques were, although they probably ended up being stolen and sold for scrap. Hopefully though the memorial is being refurbished, or the plaques taken in for restoration, but knowing how these things go, the probability is small. I will update this page if I do hear anything further.

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The Uitenhage War Memorial.

These photographs of the Uitenhage War Memorial are courtesy of Ronnie Lovemore.

Interesting enough it has plaques from both World Wars, as well as the Korean War and the Border War, There is also a plaque commemorating the sacrifice of “The Faithful men of the Native and Coloured Races…”. Images of the other plaques are available on request.


This memorial can be found at Google Earth Co-ordinates   33° 46.155’S, 25° 23.988’E.

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Walmer War Memorial in Walmer, Port Elizabeth

These photographs were kindly taken by Ronnie Lovemore in June 2011, and are used with his permission.

This memorial to the men and women of  Walmer who died during the two World Wars may be found at Google Earth Co-ordinates    33° 58.684’S, 25° 35.135’E.

The drinking trough at the Walmer Town Hall originally came from the plinth that stood in Market Square, Port Elizabeth and on which the Prince Of Wales Obelisk was erected. The trough was removed when the Obelisk was replaced by the Howitzer that formed part of the South African Heavy Artillery Memorial.

It was unveiled on 24 March 1925 and is situated in front of the Town Hall.

Remembrance Day 2001

Remembrance Day 2001

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Port Elizabeth Cenotaph

These photographs of the Port Elizabeth Cenotaph were kindly taken by Ronnie Lovemore in June 2011, and are used with his permission.

It was sculptured by James Gardener in 1929 to commemorate the men who died in the First World War, and later those who lost their lives in World War Two were also added.

The Cenotaph may be found at Google Earth Co-ordinates 33° 57.911’S,   25° 36.687’E. Names are available on request

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The Johannesburg Cenotaph.

My original photographs of the cenotaph were taken in July 2008 at a point when I never realised that I would need better images,  I rectified that in October 2011 and was quite surprised as the area had changed since my previous visit.

Looking towards the Cenotaph from the Library area

Looking towards the Cenotaph from the Library area

The Cenotaph is in the block between the former Johannesburg City Hall (now Guateng Legislature) and the public library, and is bounded by Market and President Streets (this area is now called Beyers Naude Square). It was unveiled by the Earl Of Athlone on 10 October 1926, and is a replica of the Cenotaph in London. It may be found at Google Earth Co-ordinates 26° 12.274’S, 28°2.406’E.

It is similar in design to the Cenotaph in Hong Kong which is also based on the London Cenotaph.

The Cenotaph was “rebranded” in 2002 with the plaque above, and Remembrance Services are held here every year in November.

The steps of the former Johannesburg City Hall used to be have “Lest We Forget” and “Opdat Ons Nie Vergeet Nie” inscribed on them, as well as wreaths on the pillars. Unfortunately the wreaths have been long stolen.

Former City Hall stairs

Former City Hall stairs

**Update 15/10/2018**

It was announced on the Heritage Portal that the Cenotaph had been vandalised by some idiot with spray paint.  It is hoped that the perpetrator was caught on CCTV and is brought to book as quickly as possible. The Cenotaph is the centre of Remembrance in Johannesburg, and this desecration is disgusting. 

Fortunately the Cenotaph was cleaned up in time for the annual Remembrance Day Parade. 

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