Dawns New Pet

The Twinns were out doing their Saturday thing and Dawn was at home alone. She stared over the balcony at the slowly awakening garden and thought that it would be nice if she had a pet. Amanda always spent Saturday morning walking Waffles, Coalface, Louis and any other fury creature that cared to join her. Dawn thought that she would enjoy doing that too, but unfortunately she just didn’t have a pet of her own. “Theoretically Caities should be very good pet owners” she said to herself.

She sighed, “Oh well, I can at least enjoy everybody’s pets when they bring them here for a visit.”
Just then there was a flapping of wings and Dawn saw something alight on the wall. “Hullo, what’s that? it doesn’t look like a Hadedah.”

Dawn wished she had her binoculars close by so that she could see the creature. “Maybe it’s an alien, or a giant budgie, or even Rhodan…”
The creature looked curiously at Dawn, who looked curiously back.

Then it hopped off the wall and started to flap its leathery wings, flying straight towards the baffled Twinn. It landed on the balcony floor and looked expectantly at Dawn.
Dawn jumped down and found that she was nose to Twinn with a red leathery dragon. The dragon smiled at Dawn and made a whining noise.
“Well I’ll be a barrel of Bernetta’s, it’s a dragon, and a very cute girly one too. I bet you will make a great pet.”
The dragon nodded its head vigorously in afirmation.

She reached down and patted the dragon on its head. “Hmm, not even slimey or scaley.” She said. “I bet Cait would like to see you.”
“What would Cait like to see Dawn?” It was Caitlyn and Godzilla, who had just gotten back from their morning shopping.

“Hi Cait, I am glad to see you, look what just landed on the balcony.”
“Dawn, that looks like a dragon.”
“She is a dragon Cait. I want to keep her as a pet.”

“You can’t keep a dragon as a pet Dawn.
“And why not? you have a city stomping monster as a pet Cait.”
Caitlyn was stumped. “OK Dawn, you got me there. I guess it shouldn’t be a problem. Godzilla seems to like her.”
The dragon sidled up to Caitlyn and nuzzled her hand while Godzilla sniffed interestedly at it’s knee.

“However, it is possible this dragon belongs to somebody Dawn, so I think you should at least advertise that she has been found, and if nobody claims her then you can keep her.
“Cool. I will get Victoria to place an ad in the Hollow Times and see if anybody claims ownership.”
“Just one thing Dawn, does your new pet breath fire?”
“I don’t know Cait, only one way to find out….” The dragon took a deep breath and then….

“I guess that answers that question.” Caitlyn said, “at least she will come in handy when we need something cooked in a hurry. What are you going to call her?”
“At the moment I think I will call her Dragonette, or Braveheart, or even Idris.”
“Idris? that sounds Welsh.”
“It is. I saw it in an Ivor the Engine TV show. They had this dragon called Idris in it.”

And so Dawn finally had her pet, and being Dawn it was an unconventional one too. There was however, no guarantee that the dragon was not lost and would be claimed by her rightful owner. If, and only if that happened then Dawn would deal with it, but until then she just smiled contentedly and enjoyed watching her new pet romping with Godzilla. “I am correct, Caities DO make good pet owners.” she said smugly.
So, if anybody has lost a small dragon, please contact Dawn.

Although Dawn does not really want to hear from anybody claiming ownership.

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Dawn Goes Undercover


There was a loud banging on the door and Caitlyn, who was catching a snooze at her desk was not amused.
“Who’s there?” She asked cautiously without opening the door.
“It’s Dawn, open up Cait.”
“Ok, hang on a moment.” Caitlyn opened the door but left the security gate locked. There was a strange boy standing there looking decidedly suspicious.

“You’re not Dawn, you are some crummy boy out to sneak up on us and check out our unmentionables hanging on the washing line.”
“No No Cait, it’s me Dawn”.
“Ha! try the other one, I know Dawn and you are not Dawn, go away and leave us alone”.

“Seriously Cait, it’s me, I am undercover. I was investigating some shenanigans at the local book shop. I had to go undercover or I would never have been able to infiltrate the baddies hideout.”
“A likely story, for all I know you are impersonating Dawn by making out you are her in disguise. Prove to me that you are Dawn”.
“Sheesh Cait, you are one suspicious dolly.”
“I didn’t become a detective because I accept things at face value. If you are Dawn tell me who owned you before you came here.”
“That’s easy, it was Tricia in Texas.”
“Hmmmm, that could have just been a lucky guess. Ok, what did Skye tell you to do the first time she met you?”
“Look behind the bookcase! and I found my long lost Richie Rich comic there.”
“Dawn? it is you… I am amazed, for a moment I thought you were a baddie.”

“Nope. I put on this disguise and snuck out early this morning so that I could get a headstart, but my informant gave me the wrong information so I had to come home. I was hoping nobody would see me like this.””So why didn’t you let yourself in?”
“I was so busy trying to look suave and macho that I locked myself out.”
Caitlyn just laughed, “Lucky for you nobody else saw you, I can just imagine what they would have said.”
“Don’t remind me. I would have never lived it down.”
Caitlyn rubbed her hands together, “don’t get too complacent my Caitie friend, I may want to hold this against you one day.”

“Hee hee, sooner or later you will have to go back undercover Dawn and when you do… the Bossman will have his camera handy…..” Caitlyn teased.
“Aaaargh Cait, don’t you even dare think about it! Where’s my chainsaw???”

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What Twinns Do All Day.

The question was asked, what do Twinns do when there is nobody home? Its like asking the question “What does the light in the fridge do when the door is closed?” or “If a tree in a forest falls down and there is nobody to hear it, does it make a noise?”.
Through the modern wonders of television and the internet I was able to capture the Twinns doing what they do best when I am not here. Much to my amazement they didn’t really get up to too much mischief, but then for all I know they were faking it.

Some sit around and play cards all day and lose their pocket money.

Some help others to fix things.

Some read comics and scoff biscuits.

Some sit around and buy other Twinns on ebay.

Some catch up on their ironing

Some stuff their faces with Pizza when nobody is looking

Some make elaborate constructions out of wood

Some head outdoors and catch so rays

Some take up a new sport

While some make new colourful friends

And some help out with electrical work

And, when you get home, you can bet some will be ready to welcome you with chocolate.

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Caitlyn Looses her Head

Amanda had noticed that Caitlyn wasn’t her usual self lately and wondered what was wrong with her. She was even missing from the usual Sunday newspaper reading session, and it was unlike her to not be there to read the funnies. She decided to find out what was troubling her friend and fellow Twinn.
Amanda found Caitlyn on the balcony staring gloomily out over the garden.

“Caitlyn? what’s wrong? why are you sitting out here on your own? everybody misses you.”
“Oh Amanda, I don’t know what to do. My head is falling off.”
“It is? but that’s terrible Cait, when did you discover this?”
“I think it’s been happening for quite sometime, I have been waking up in really strange positions lately. I am so worried that I will end up in a box under the bed.”
“My dear friend, that will never happen, the Bossman will make sure that you get repaired. Nobody will put you in a box under the bed as long as we have anything to do with it. Come, let’s go speak to Sarah, she knows about head transplants and stuff like that.”
So Caitlyn and Amanda went inside and set up an appointment to see Sarah. Caitlyn sadly changed into the hospital gown and lay down on the bed while Sarah rummaged around for her medical kit.

Then Sarah gave Caitlyn a thorough examination. Listening to her armature, peering into her eyes, feeling her pulse and testing her reflexes.

She called Amanda, “There is good news and bad news. Caitlyn has a severe case of headandneckalitus. Its not easy to cure and does involve surgery, but we can also temporarily fix her with a bit of armature manipulation. Unfortunately, she will have to undergo the dreaded “elastic band around the head” treatment sooner or later.”
“Will she be able to play with us again Doctor Sarah?”
“Yes she will, but she must just take it easy until we can operate, she must have no stresses or strains and she mustn’t rubber neck too much.”

Sarah told Amanda what to do to manipulate Caitlyn’s head back into its connector. Amanda held Caitlyn’s feet while Sarah pushed and rolled Caitlyn’s head from side to side until her head was securely back on again. “It’s not a permanent cure I’m afraid, but it will hold until I can get proper instructions on the treatment.”

Caitlyn was almost back to normal again, “Thank you Doctor Sarah, I feel much better. “
“It’s my pleasure Caitlyn, but you will have to take things easy from now on, I will contact Nurse Meko and Dr Jo in Pennsylvania for more information on what to do, I have never done one of these ops before, the biggest op I ever did was on a grape with a broken leg.”
“There you go Caitlyn,” Amanda said re-assuringly, “there was no need to worry like that, we will sort you out and stick by you. “
“Thanks Amanda, I know I am in good hands, and I know now that I will soon be back to normal again.”

Sarah gave Caitlyn an injection of strong tea and some chocolate pills to make her feel better. “I will write you out a doctor’s note excusing you from the Alpha Twinn duties. I think light duty until the new year should do it. We will tentatively schedule the op for the week between Christmas and New Year.”

“Thank you Amanda and Doctor Sarah, you have helped me a lot. I feel much better. Now, who has got the funnies? where are the Sunday papers?”
So Caitlyn was back to normal again, but has to take it easy. We are all holding thumbs for her recovery and will cover the operation live as it happens. Keep watching this space.

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Take your Daughter to the Office 2007

Caitlyn likes to pop along to see where I work and check out the employment opportunities in a field other than detecting, after all, she said that she had become more of an administrator and never seemed to actually detect anything anymore. I had changed jobs since she had first come with me in 2004, although I still do more or less the same thing, its just with a bigger company and on a wider variety of products.
Before she started anything she had to buy some airtime on the dolly phone so that she could call Dawn and tell her all about it.

Airtime! I need airtime!
Airtime! I need airtime!

Having bought her airtime, she then helped out with invoicing. Caitlyn is computer literate but does type slightly slowly because of her small hands. And, we wont even discuss what happens to the mouse when she can’t reach it. I hope that nobody gets upset when they get an invoice for 50 Gazzalion Dolly Dollars.


Luckily she got bored really quickly and then decided to take a turn around the factory.

“What’s this do?” she asked.
“It’s a machine for putting crimps on Molex connectors.”
“What’s a crimp? and what’s a Molex?” was the expected question after that.
How does one explain these things to a Twinn? I can’t very well say “ask your mother!” can I? “I will explain later. Come along, let me show you the airtime machines that we are building.” was the best way of changing the subject I could think of at that moment.

Caitlyn helped out with a few things, although I suspect we may have to double check those machines before we ship them. She was glad to move onto something else. “Those things are just too tall to work on comfortably” she said.
I showed Caitlyn all of the completed termninals that we had built and that were now packed and ready to be sent out. “We are just waiting for the guys next door to come collect them and put them on their side of the building.”
“I’ll help move them…..” she volunteered.

Having moved the boxes, Caitlyn was bushed. “I need a water break.” She insisted.

Refreshed after her mammoth box moving session Caitlyn decided to help out with the floor cleaning. “These floors get so dirty from all the boxes and bits of wire and stuff, this floor cleaning is a full time job! Pass the floor polish please.”

Having washed the floor Caitlyn was feeling kind of tired. “I think my armature is strained.” She explained.
“I have the solution to that Cait, come into the store..”

Her sweet tooth satisfied and armature suitably re-enforced, we headed back to my workshop where I showed her the pile of handheld terminals that seemed to be breeding under the table. “These are my bugbear Cait, I cannot keep up with them. Any ideas?”
“Sure, no problem,” she explained. “Let me just get the solution out of your toolbox…”

Somehow I didn’t think that was such a good idea, although I was sorely tempted to use the Caitlyn solution. “Come along Cait, it’s lunchtime, lets go sit down and have a sarmie or two.”

But Caitlyn was tired, she had spent the whole previous night watching reruns of “Bride of Chucky” and “Devil Doll” and soon her eyelids grew heavy. “I am just going to take a short nap.” She said.

Poor Cait, I expect moving all those boxes wore her out. Or was it all the sweets and chocolate? I bet she will rather stick to detecting instead of working in the electronics field. But, it was fun having her at work and she does send her greetings to everybody at the factory, and says that Graeme must really clean his desk.

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The Twinns Move House (5)

The big day dawned and chaos (as is usual in these things) was of the order of the day. Fortunately the Twinns were all moved and waiting by the time I got to the new place so I did not have to concern myself about them for awhile.
Amanda and Brenda were helping sort out the DVD’s and paperbacks. “Brenda, now that I see all these X-Files episodes, whatever happened to Alison, Megan and Rosa? you know, the Magic Attic Girls.”
“Good question Amanda, in the hubbub of moving I don’t thing anybody even thought about them. I don’t even recall seeing them at the meeting we had before we left. Lets go check their usual spot.”

Brenda was correct, the Magic Attic Girls were in their usual spot already. “Hi girls!” Amanda cried, waving at Megan, Rosa and Alison.

“Hi Amanda, Brenda.” the Magic Attic girls chorused.
“So the Twinns finally got here I see.” Alison said to Rosa and Megan.
“What did you expect Ali? Twinns just have too much baggage to carry with them, unlike you Magic Attic girls.” Brenda replied.

“Well, we kind of knew the Magic Attic girls always look after themselves.” Amanda explained.
“That’s right Amanda, the moment we heard that we were about to move house we made our plans.” Rosa said.
“And, while everybody was trying to squeeze themselves into boxes we moved ourselves.” Alison said.
“But how did you do it?” Brenda asked. “I know I never saw the three of you move. One moment you were there, the next you were gone.”
“Ah Brenda, that’s because us Magic Attic girls have the key to the Magic Attic. And once you have that key anything is possible.” Megan explained.

“Well, that explains it all. I think we must ask Cait if we can get a magic key too. Although I suspect poor Cait has enough keys to carry around with her nowadays.” Amanda said.
“Does that key do unpacking?” Brenda enquired. “Because if it does the bossman would sure like to use it as there is still so much to unpack, and he needs all the help he can get. “

However, the move was not without it’s problems, and we soon discovered that an important member of the household had gone missing….

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The Twinns Move House (4)

A week later I moved another 8 Twinns and by the weekend the flat was looking like a bomb had hit it. Only a few Twinns were now left. Caitlyn and Dawn stood on the balcony for the last time. “This is it Dawn, the last time we will stand on this balcony.”

“It’s kinda sad, we had a lot of good times on this balcony. Do you remember the dreaded Twinn gobbling orange rapid viper?”
“Who could ever forget that escapade. I still don’t know where you got the energy to leap into our arms like that Dawn.”

“Never mind that, what happened to my hair??” Dawn asked in horror.
“Don’t you remember? you went through a stage of strange hair.”
“I think I will rather forget it thanks.”

Caitlyn and Dawn went inside to where the huge pile of boxes waited to be transported.

“Just think of how many new Twinns made their debut here,” Caitlyn said, leaning on a box.
“Most of them passed through here at some point. And for some this was their first home too.”
“Myself included.” Caitlyn recalled.
“You were the first Twinn on the continent Cait, that’s an accomplishment all on its own.”
“And you were the second Dawn, and don’t you forget that! Come, lets go to the bedroom. Tina is briefing us all and I need to see all of you safely into your boxes.”

There were only 5 Twinns left. Amanda, Dawn, Nicole, Tina and Caitlyn. “OK girls, we are the last load of Twinns to go. Dawn and Amanda can take one box and Nicole and I will take the other.”
“Who will pack you Cait?” Amanda asked.
“I will leave with the Bossman a day or two before the move Amanda.”
“Just make sure they don’t leave you behind!”
“That’s the least of my worries Nicky, I am holding thumbs that the weather holds. We have had some pretty strange weather lately.”
“Let’s not tempt fate girls. We must be positive that all will go well. Grab your goodies, lets get everybody sealed up and ready for transport. Cait, will you do the honours?”

Caitlyn and I sealed the last of the Twinns into their boxes and I took them to their new home while Caitlyn remained behind checking for any odd bits and pieces that still needed packing, I had especially reminded her to check under the bed.

“Lots of dust bunnies, a tool box and… oh, my hat! I have been looking for it for quite awhile. Mustn’t forget my hat. Nothing else that needs packing though, it’s all pickup and load stuff left here.” She said to herself. Then she clambered up into the top cupboard to check that all was out there too.

“Nope, nothing left up here. Gee, it would have made a nice private little pad for me. Pity I never got up here before. The Bossman seems to have everything packed so I guess all that’s left is for me to be moved”.
When I got back I loaded more stuff into my car and Caitlyn climbed into her box with her little suitcase by her side and her precious hat next to her. “OK Bossman, lets go….”

And so I sealed Caitlyn in her box and took her across to the new flat. It was quiet when I got home, the first time since 2004 that there were no Twinns in sight. I kind of miss them and I hope they are behaving themselves at our new home. I wouldn’t want the neighbours to complain about them singing rowdy dolly songs till all hours of the morning. The big day is only 1 day away now, only 2 more sleeps…..

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The Twinns Move House (3)

The next day I headed off to the new place, my car burdened with boxes. After much struggling with a recalcitrant key I eventually managed to get the door open and get the Twinn advance party inside. Victoria was not looking very good. Sarah massaged her chest…. “Victoria, hang in there, don’t quit on us now!!”

“Sarah, stop banging me on the chest! I was having a nice nap up till now.”
“Ye gads, I thought for a moment there was something wrong. For a moment you gave me quite a start .”
Sarah and Victoria unpacked the other Twinns who dashed around looking out of the windows and peering into cupboards.

“But its so high up…. I think I mustn’t look out of the window too much, it makes me feel dizzy.”

“Hmm… no food, and I am peckish, I wonder if they packed us enough snacks to get us through the week?”

Chandler peered out of the window, “wow! look there, a red crested warbling midget wood eating speckled robin! Just wait till the rest of the gang get here, we can have a lot of fun on this floor, maybe I can even begin that aerobics class I have been wanting to start for so long.”

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The Twinns Move House (2)

Sarah checked the travel box while Chandler sat inside it. “Pressure is nominal Sarah.”
“And the temperature gradient control is A-OK too Chandler. I must just adjust the CO2 scrubber and life support system for 2. These MKII boxes are much more spacious than the old MKI, but their controls are much more finicky. At least we don’t need to pressurise them anymore”. Sarah could talk technical with anyone who would listen, it was not for nothing that she was appointed science officer of the Tumbling Twinns.

“Will Victoria hold out OK?” Chandler asked with some concern.
“She will be Ok, I am traveling with her in the command box, and I have my medical kit as well as a supply of socks and an anesthesia cone in case I need to give her a short nap.”
“Well, if you need somebody else to travel with her I can always swop with Jeanette.”
“Nah, Vicky will be OK. She is a tough Twinn. You don’t wear a superhero suit because you are a wimp, Besides, by tomorrow this time the trip will be over and we will be in our new spot. I will see you when you we get there.”

The next morning Justyn pushed the boxes down the corridor to the stairwell so that they could be loaded into the car. A chorus of “ouch” and “not so rough out there” and “What does it say on the outside of the box?? handle with care!” came from inside the boxes.

Unfortunately, when he got to the stairs the one box ran away from him…… “Oops, somebody is not going to be happy” he thought.

“Justyn, when we get to the other side you are going to have a lot of explaining to do!” Anastasia said from inside the box at the bottom of the stairs. “Caities just hate being dropped down stairs by boys who cannot drive a box around!”
“Sorry Anna, but I had to swerve to avoid a… um… er” He thought for an excuse, “Of yes, I swerved to avoid a fashion doll that had fallen off her shoes!”
“A likely story if ever I heard one” Jeanette exclaimed from inside her box.

Inside the flat the remaining Twinns were busy with the packing. Amanda and Nicole were helping to pack the books in boxes. “Have you read this one Amanda?” Nicole asked, passing Amanda a book.

“Oh yes, I have read most of the books here already, in fact I have even read most of Dawn’s comics.”
“Speaking of Dawn, I hear she has almost finished packing already.”

“Well done Dawn.” Tina said, “you have packed 3 boxes of stuff already.”
“Actually Tina, that’s just some of my stuff. I have another 14 boxes in the bedroom with the rest of my stuff all ready to go on the truck!”

Skye worked away at wrapping cups in newspaper so that they could be packed. She knew that once the moving was over she was going to be very busy finding all the lost and mislaid items.

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The Twinns Move House (1)

Caitlyn called the Twinns together late one Friday evening. “Girls I have called this meeting at this really odd hour because it’s the only time we can all be here. In short we are moving house in just over 2 weeks time”.

A general rise in the noise level was an indication of the surprise that the Twinns got at this news.
“Why so sudden Cait?” Lily Su asked.

“The Bossman said it’s because he suddenly found us a new place. Unfortunately it had to be done at short notice which is why I called this meeting. Some of you have not had the opportunity to meet Tina yet, she arrived here awhile back and has been helping the Bossman scout out some new places. She will assist in co-ordinating everything. Over to you Tina.”

“Thanks Caitlyn. Evening everybody. I wont be all bossy and tell everybody what to do. But to keep things easier we need to get everybody packed and ready to move as quick as we can. An advance party will be going across tomorrow to keep an eye on things while the rest of us get down to packing. I envisage 8 Twinns will be needed at this time, which means 4 Twinns will need to get themselves moving buddies and get settled in the moving boxes so that we can transport them tomorrow.”
Victoria raised her hand. “Do we really have to move, you know I get nervous when these things happen. My knees are already shaking.”

“I’m afraid so Victoria, and we need you to go in the advance party just in case we need the services of Cosmic Tangerine. The advance party will be headed up by Sarah Willow and will comprise of Sarah Willow, Victoria, Anastasia, Jeanette, Chandler, Virginia, Erin, and Elinor. “

“Do I need to take my tools with in case we need to erect an antenna?” Jeanette asked. Jeanette was part owner of a TV aerial business and was always looking for new opportunities.
“Sorry Jeanette, the building already has an antenna, but I do suggest you take some long life munchies with as we are not sure how long it will be before we can get more Twinns there and a working fridge for snacks. Also take a change of clothes and lots of torches because the electricity situation is looking bleak in South Africa at the moment.” Tina explained.

“OK girls, I need everybody to pull finger and get 4 travel boxes kitted out. I also need those who are not in the advance party to help pack everybody else’s stuff for them and get it ready for the next advance party which may happen during next week. Anymore questions?” Caitlyn asked.
Chandler raised her hand. “Cait, will there be more space in the new place?”

“Good question Chandler, but at the moment I cannot answer it. We have to see when we get there. I hope there will be, hopefully the Bossman will loose some of the junk along the way and we will have more space to get up to mischief… I mean, to conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion. No more questions? righto, lets get busy girls, those who remain behind will help get boxes down while the advance party better get their goodies packed. We leave at 10H00 tomorrow morning.”

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