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Chasetown Saint Anne’s Church War Memorials

St Anne’ Church in Chasetown has become the caretaker of 4 plaques that were sited at the colliery pits where many of the men from the area worked. They commemorate men from 2,3,8, and 9 pits who lost their lives in World War 1.  The four plaques are mounted on the exterior wall of the church.

Unfortunately for most of the time that I was in Chasetown the church was surrounded in scaffolding and I only discovered these memorials towards the end of my stay so was never able to find out much from the people at the church.

Even though the plaques are in a good condition they are difficult to read. 

To the Memory of the Men from No. 2 Pit who fell in the Great War

Thomas Brookes • John Rochelle • Enoch Hancox
William Deakin • Alfred Ross • George H Evans
William A Elson • Enoch Smith • Albert Fairfield
Alfred E Fisher • Charles E Williamson • Walter Reynolds
John Rushton • W Harrold Williamson • Reginald Lees
Ernest Craddock • Frederick Crutchley

To the Memory of the Men from No. 3 Pit who fell in the Great War

Harold Spencer • Thomas Lewis • Albert Lees
Bert Gozzard • Joseph Robinson • Arthur Wright
William Buckley • Joseph Witton • William Daker
Horace Derry • Thomas Downing • Charles Beach
Arthur Heath • Walter Evans • Henry Griffin
John Kelly • Thomas Rose • William Robinson
William Robinson • Percy Bradshaw • William Fellows

To the Memory of the Men from No. 8 Pit who fell in the Great War

Alfred Bradshaw • John Dolman • Richard Stevens
Frederick Bailey • William Longdon • Herbert Nicholls
Edward Bills •  Albert Meaton • Enoch Bedow
William Day • Nonnie Pritchard

To the Memory of the Men from No. 9 Pit who fell in the Great War

Harry B Yardley • Roland Foster • Samuel Evans
Hubert Millard • Joseph W Roberts • Noah Lysons
Henry Duffield • Eli Bott • Bert Roper

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Burntwood War Memorial

I was told about this war memorial in Burntwood by a local who was knowledgeable about the local history of the area. The memorial is a relatively new one and is in the parking lot of the Burntwood Memorial Community Association.   Google Earth co-ordinates  52.679631°,  -1.905920°

The memorial is not too old as it does not show up in 2012 images from Google Earth.

It commemorates men who died in both World Wars as well as in later conflicts.

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Heath-Hayes War Memorial

I walked past these gates on my way to St John’s Churchyard in Heath-Hayes, and while I could not read the text from where I was, I did make a note to return and investigate on my way home.

After my photography session I headed for the gates, the ornate writing informed me that it was the Heath-Hayes Memorial. I went into the park, but could find neither hide nor hare of a war memorial. I was probably expecting the standard war memorial as I had seen so often. Puzzled, I returned to the gate, intending to look for a builders plate or similar and discovered that far from the gates leading into a war memorial, they were the war memorial!

Each gate post has a plaque on it, the inner two are from the first world war, while the outer pair are for the second world war.  Unfortunately the images were taken on a very grey and gloomy day, but I hope to return here one day and get better images.

The gates may be found at Google Earth co-ordinates  52.687202°,  -1.977399°

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