The Karel Landman Memorial: Eastern Cape.

The Karel Landman Memorial is situated 40 km right off the Alexandria – Port Elizabeth Road on the De Kol-Rant Farm. (Google Earth Co-ordinates 33° 34.707’S, 26° 9.717’E). The architect was Gerard Moerdyk and the builders were the Lupini Brothers. It was unveiled on 16 December 1939 by W.A.L. Landman.

Karel Landman was a Boer farmer who left the Cape with the Voortrekkers who moved northwards, and founded the old Transvaal and the Free State as part of the Great Trek. Landman was the second in command of the Boer forces at the Battle of Blood River.  These photographs are courtesy of Ronnie Lovemore.

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Heilbron Boer War Memorial

This memorial can be found inside the grounds of the NG Kerk Moedeergemeente in Heilbron, Free State. The church is fronted in Lang Markt Street (Longmarket, Langmark) and is fenced, but access is possible through a side gate in Steil Street where the hall is.

The plinth has the names of Boer combatants who died in the war, and some of these may be buried in the nearby cemetery which is associated with the Heilbron Concentration Camp. 787  inmates lost their lives in the camp, a large portion dieing of measles and typhoid.

The memorial may be found at Google Earth Co-ordinates   27° 17.000’S,  27° 58.278’E.

NG Kerk Moedeergemeente, Heilbron
NG Kerk Moedeergemeente, Heilbron

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Battle of Congella Monument

This monument to the Battle of Congella, was brought to my attention by James Houston-McMillan in 2013, who provided the photographs. It is situated near Maydon Wharf in Durban at  Google Earth co-ordinates: 29° 52.796′ S 30° 59.802′ E.

The now almost forgotten Battle between Brit and Boer led to many historical events in the fledgling Port Natal,  including the historic ride by Dick King to Grahamstown to get help for the beleaguered British at Port Natal. And while I do know whether this site is where this battle occurred, It could be that there is another memorial in the area related to the incident.
Dick King is buried at St James Isipingo Anglican Church.
The grave of Dick King
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