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Edmund Hartley VC CMG

Edmund Barron Hartley (06/05/1847 – 20/03/1919), was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions during the Basuto Gun War in 1879. 

The Citation, recorded in the London Gazette of Issue: 25023, Page: 4990, reads:

“Cape Mounted Riflemen, 

Surgeon – Major Edmund Baron Hartley.

For conspicuous gallantry displayed by him in attending the wounded, under fire, at the unsuccessful attack on Moirosi’s Mountain, in Basutoland, on the 5th June, 1879; and. for having proceeded into the open ground, under a heavy fire, and carried in his arms, from an exposed position, Corporal A. Jones, of the Cape Mounted Riflemen, who was wounded. While conducting him to a place of safety the Corporal was again wounded. The Surgeon Major then returned under the severe fire of the enemy in order to dress the wounds of other men of the storming party.”

He died in Hampshire and is buried in Brookwood Cemetery, St Jude’s Avenue, Plot 2, Grave 193293. Cemetery Pales, Woking. Image of the grave is courtesy of Kevin Brazier. 

The grave of Col. Edmund Hartley VC.

The grave of. Edmund Hartley VC.

Inscription on grave

Inscription on grave

The grave as at August 2018 (Image by Mark Green)

Brookwood Cemetery.

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The Basuto War Memorial in Uitenhage.

These photographs of the Basuto War Memorial in Uitenhage are courtesy of Ronnie Lovemore. The memorial may be found in Magennis Park,  Uitenhage.

The Basuto War is also known as the Basuto Gun War,  and the Memorial commemorates those who died in the Basuto Campaign from 1880-1882, and Morosi Mountain in 1879.

There are also 2 other plaques on the memorial which are available on request.

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