The arrival of Dawn

It was a Saturday and Caitlyn and Alison were examining a large box that had appeared in the household. “What do you think is inside this big box Caitlyn?
“Gee Alison, I don’t know. Did you order anything? I know you wanted to buy a Dylithium field generator, do you think this is it?”
“I doubt it, those DFG’s are much bigger than this. Besides, this one is postmarked Texas via the Virgin Islands, whereas the DFG was coming from Vladivostok.”
Caitlyn laughed, sometimes she wondered what was Alison doing with the tools at odd hours of the night. Alison was very inventive and loved tinkering around with things which she knew nothing about.
“Hi girls, what are you all doing?” I asked.
“We are looking at this big box, what’s inside it?” Caitlyn asked, trying her best to seem nonchalant.

What's can it be?
What’s can it be?

“Oh that, it came in the post this morning, Its a surprise.”
“Can we open it? huh? huh? huh?” Alison asked impatiently.
“Sure, why not, just don’t hurt yourself with the scissors, and be very careful.”
Caitlyn and Alison tackled the box, it was very well wrapped and Alison fetched her tool box and took out some very scarey items to try get it open.
“Careful Alie, just now the contents are breakable.”
“I can’t help it Caitlyn, you know the old story about curiosity killing the cat?”
Caitlyn chuckled, “Alison I think if you had been a cat we would have been attending your funeral.”
Together they wrestled the box from its wrapping. “This is fun” they agreed.

This is fun!
This is fun!

The box was well wrapped, but nothing can really stop a determined and inquisitive Magic Attic Doll when she sets her mind to it. Then the wrapping was off and they opened the box.

Is it? a Twinn?
Is it? a Twinn?

Its a Twinn!!!.

Hello everybody

“Hullo everybody,” the  Twinn said, “any chance of a cup of tea and a biscuit?”

Caitlyn and Alison helped the new Twinn out of her box and sat her down on the bed and introduced themselves.
“I dont know what my name is, all of those x-rays at the airport and the long flight must have erased my memory.”
“That’s not a problem, we will call you Dawn because you arrived really early in the morning.” Caitlyn explained.
“Oh, that is a pretty name, I like it.”
Caitlyn was overwhelmed with joy, she had always thought she would be the only Twinn in South Africa. She hugged Dawn, obviously overcome with emotion. Alison was feeling kind of sad though, now she was all alone and she wondered if she would still be Caitlyn’s friend. She tried to be brave. “Wow Caitlyn, all of you Twinns could soon form a government.”
Dawn and Caitlyn laughed, “We could, but only if we we can have Alison as our Minister of Defence!”
That was enough for Alison and she knew she wouldn’t be alone as long as she had Twinns surrounding her.

Later on the three of them sat for a group photo and Dawn then explained why she was here and where she came from. It transpired that she had been sent to South Africa by Tricia from Texas, she is a 1997 Denver born doll, and a true blue American. She was here because Caitlyn was lonely and Twinns really blossom when there are more than one.
Once things had quietened down a bit she stood at the computer and wrote Tricia a letter.


“Dear Tricia,
I have arrived safely and am intact, nobody jumped on my box, although I was a bit worried when I heard Alison and Caitlyn trying to open the box. Lucky for me they didn’t have a chainsaw.
My new name is Dawn, (my old one got erased I think, much of the trip is a blurr, but I see from the label on the box I went to the Virgin Islands). Caitlyn and Alison are wonderful, they are 2 mischievious moppets and I can see we are going to have a lot of fun together. Caitlyn says I can wear her clothing and I have given her a My Twinn locket to wear. I see some very pretty dresses here and I suspect that soon I wont even recognise myself. The bossman is very happy to have me here, he says Thank You very much and he has promised to take care of me and love me as much as he does all the other dolls. I know that my new home is going to be so different to back home, and I am looking forward to the future.
I will miss you and the other Twinns back in Texas, but who knows, maybe one day I will come to visit. Cait and Alie are trying to re-assemble the box and Alie is thinking of making something wierd and wonderful out of it. I think they have a lot to teach me and hopefully one of these days I will be a South African just like them. I must go sleep now, these people are about 8 hours ahead of Texas and I think I have jet lag.
Lots of love from Dawn, Caitlyn and Alison.”

Special thanks to Tricia for being so kind and giving me Dawn, she is a beautiful doll and I know she will have a happy home here with the gang. Caitlyn and Alison are trying to work out whether the Virgin Islands are close by because they have decided that the empty box will make a great canoe.

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Meet the Girl/Boy: Igor/ina

Full Names: Igorina, Igor. (Gender interchangeable)
Nicknames: Igor.
Statistics: Audrey mold, pale blue eyes, brown hair. 06 hand and leg.
Manufactured: Self made Twinn . Arrived in SA: 24 December 2008
Occupation: Surgeon and alchemist, high voltage specialist, anatomist
Hobbies and Interests: Pathology, cross dressing, anatomy, surgery, electricity, horror movies, thunder storms, ballet.
Clubs and Societies: Mad Scientist Sidekick Admiration Society (MSSAS)
Previous owners: Jo in PA.
Arrival story: The Arrival of Igor/ina (3 pages)

General: Igor is a self made Twinn that arrived at the Twinn Continuum and promptly disappeared. He reappeared as Igorina in December of 2008. His/Her chief interest is in the medical field and transmutation fields. Igorina is a qualified electrical technician (heavy current) and has been drafted into the sickbay at Tumbling Twinns. She/he loves a good storm and is not averse to flying kites in the middle of them. She/he has an uncanny knack of suddenly appearing behind somebody, and then changing gender when nobody is looking. He/She also has a persistent lisp that seems to be self made, and has resisted all attempts at having it rectified. He/She lives with the other Twinns in retirement in Pretoria.

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Meet the Girls: Heather

Full Names: Heather.
Nicknames:Malibu Audrey
Statistics: Audrey mold, grey blue eyes, blonde hair.
Manufactured: Denver. Arrived in SA: August 2005
Occupation: Secretary at C&D Detective agency. Drama student, radio drama starlet.
Hobbies and Interests: Soap operas, acting, TV, reading, cooking and theatre, opening files.
Previous owners: Unknown, Jo in Pennsylvania.
Arrival story: Heather’s Arrival.
Official duties: Minute taker and tea Twinn for the Twinn Council of South Africa 2008, 2009.

General: Heather is the 7th Twinn in the family and used to be owned by a young girl. They shared an interest in horses and TV and were close friends until her previous owner lost interest in her. She is a distant cousin of Caitlyn (a few times removed) but is much older, having originated from Denver. Heather has been taking acting classes and likes to effect a Southern Belle accent when she needs to. She has acted in 2 amateur theatre productions as “3rd blonde girl” and “short girl eating an orange”, but so far major roles have evaded her. She enjoys reading celeb magazines as well as light hearted material and likes to share Dawn’s comic books.
Recently Heather was able to land 3 advertising spots in print, her first foot in the advertising door. She also provides the voice of Hortense Pilchard, “The maid who finds her employer has been brutally murdered by a rival” in the radio drama “An Altogether Fishy Business.” She also does voiceovers and advertisements for the radio station.

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Meet the Girls: Caitlyn

Caitlyn is my personalised custom doll, and I bought her in November 2003, having hummed and haa-ed for quite some time. As designed on the My Twinn website, Caitlyn could be described as follows: “A 23 inch, customised doll with a poseable body, having a T9 (Audrey mold) face, V (Dark Brown) “A” style hair (long straight with bangs), A05 (light blue) eyes, and a 01 (very fair) complexion.” I experimented with different hair colours and skin tones and it was touch and go between a black or dark brown haired one. The final picture was the end result. I must admit though, the black hair colour was a close second.

Caitlyn. Profile and as built
Caitlyn. Profile and as built

Finally I placed my order and she eventually arrived in January of 2004, possibly one of the last dolls which were actually delivered when MT went down. I only got to see the first picture of her in April of 2004, and when I arrived in the USA at the end of that month was able to see my visualisation from close up. She was a wonderous sight to behold.


Full Names: Caitlyn Rose.
Nicknames: Cait, Most High Weenie, Oh Fine Alpha Twinn, Oh Chairpoobah.
Statistics: T9 (Audrey mold) face, V (Dark Brown) “A” style hair (long straight with bangs), A05 (light blue) eyes, and 01 (very fair) complexion.
Manufactured: China 2003, arrived in SA: May 2004
Pets: Godzilla the city stomping monster
Occupation: Formerly detective. Registered with Dolly Detective Board. Currently resting between jobs.
Hobbies and Interests: Monster movies, reading detective novels, playing solitaire, Twinn adventures, playing hide and seek, hanging around with Muffin the Cat
Official duties: Previous ChairTwinn of the Twinn Council of South Africa from 2004 to 2008.

General: Caitlyn is the only customised Twinn amongst the Tumbling Twinns and is also the official SpokesTwinn for them. She also served as ChairTwinn of the Twinn Council till 2009. Her duties as the local naming authority for South Africa were relegated to Skye, who is a genuine Princess. Caitlyn enjoys pizza and milkshakes and loves to watch B movies whenever she can, she is also a holder of the “The Silver Order of the Mallory Mountain Sheep.” She briefly worked as an electronics technician and dallied with becoming a FireTwinn. Caitlyn and Dawn went into the detective business and she was part owner of the C&D Detective agency. She is registered with the Dolly Detective Board and served on the committee for the local library. She has been nominated to serve on the local Chamber of Commerce but declined due to business commitments.

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