Southampton in the Second World War Plaques

The best landmark in central Southampton is the Bargate and Guildhall,  which is part of the old city walls. During the 12th Century, this Northern gateway to the Medieval town was a single round archway. In the 13th century two round towers were added and early in the 15th century the front hall was extended. The Guildhall was formerly the administrative centre of the town. This plaque may be found in the area around the Bargate close to Maplins.

Google Earth co-ordinates for the Bargate are: 50.902679°, -1.404150°

It is probable that portions of the old city walls were destroyed during the bombing of the city, and I was told that the Luftwaffe used the spires of St Michaels and St Mary’s Churches as navigation points during their flights over the city. The area where I was staying lies between these two churches, and I used to look out over Hoglands Park which is where the second plaque is situated.

I often wonder if the skateboard maniacs in the park have any inkling of the disaster that once occurred underneath their wheeled planks.

In Hollybrook Cemetery there is a memorial to the civilian casualties of the bombing, and many of the victims are buried in this cemetery.

Of course Southampton was a very important city because of its extensive harbour, and there is a very interesting plaque on Admiralty House near dock gate 4. This building was where post was sorted before it was taken on board ship.

Not too far away on one of the buildings leading onto Town Quay there are two more plaques relating to Southampton during the war years, and especially the part the docks played in the D-Day invasion.

At Dock Gate 8 there is another plaque which is yet another accolade to add to the history of this port.

Walking down to the docks from Holyrood Church there are a number of plaques set in the pavement that highlight moments of the cities history.

At Ocean Village there is another plaque dating from both world wars.

And finally, it was from Southampton that the ships sailed to the Falklands, and I know of two Falklands Memorials in the city. These are to be found on a different page of this blog.

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