South African Roll of Honour: Union Buildings, Pretoria.

These photographs were taken in September 2009 and in 2012 at the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Sadly, like so many things in South Africa it had been vandalised. In 2009 I noted that plaques had been prised off the wall in the one cupola, in 2012 it had still not been rectified. I believe even more plaques had been stolen since then.

The ROH covers casualties from both World Wars as well as South African Air Force casualties from The Korean War. Images of individual plaques are available on request.

Also present on the site is the Delville Wood Memorial, with the Police Memorial close by. The Union Buildings may be found at the Google Earth co-ordinates   -25.740731°,  28.211792°

World War 1 vandalised plaques

World War 1 vandalised plaques


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