Tugboats and harbour craft

Like many ship enthusiasts I am a sucker for a tugboat. Outside of South African harbour tugs, the only other tugs and oddities I have seen have been occasional callers or on charter. I have also seen in tugs in Mauritius and Seychelles, and the oddity which I saw in Milwaukee and of course the vessels I saw in Hong Kong and Southampton.

The idea behind all tugs is still the same though, to assist ships in their docking and undocking. They may look different and have strange power plants but they are still the same concept. While watching cruise ships berth and unberth themselves in Southampton it struck me that tugs may be almost superfluous in the cruise ship handling market.

Jannie Oelofsen

SA Tugs (page removed)

Steam tug Challenge

Steam tug

Powerful Portsmouth


Apollon Durban


Bison Durban


Kim Heng Durban

Kim Heng.

Sir Seewoosagur Mauritius

Sir Seewoosagur. Mauritius

Winnie and sister Mauritius

Winnie and Bettie. Mauritius

Winnie Mauritius

Winnie. Mauritius

Colibri Seychelles

Colibri. Seychelles

Tug Berth Seychelles

Tug Berth. Seychelles

Goelette Seychelles

Goelette. Seychelles

Hong Kong tugs

Hong Kong tugs

Hong Kong tugs

Hong Kong tugs

Hong Kong tugs

Hong Kong tugs

Hong Kong tugs

Hong Kong tugs

Hong Kong tugs

Hong Kong tugs

Hong Kong tugs

Hong Kong tugs

Svitzer Bentley Southampton

Svitzer Bentley.

Svitzer Sarah Southampton

Svitzer Sarah.

Svitzer Surrey Southampton

Svitzer Surrey.

Svitzer Alma Southampton

Svitzer Alma. Southampton

Svitzer Pembroke Southampton

Svitzer Pembroke. Southampton

Svitzer Ferriby Southampton

Svitzer Ferriby. Southampton

Svitzer Bristol Southampton

Svitzer Bristol. Southampton

Calshot Southampton

Calshot. Southampton

Calshot Southampton

Calshot. Southampton

Wyeforce Southampton

Wyeforce. Southampton

Wyemoor Southampton

Wyemoor. Southampton

Wyepull Southampton

Wyepull. Southampton

Wyestorm Southampton

Wyestorm. Southampton

Wyetow Southampton

Wyetow. Southampton

Wyepush Southampton

Wyepush. Southampton

Lomax Southampton

Lomax. Southampton

Apex, Lomax, Phenix Southampton

Apex, Lomax, Phenix. Southampton

Phenix Southampton

Phenix. Southampton

ResourceRiver Thames

Resource. River Thames

Reclaim River Thames

Reclaim. River Thames

Recovery River Thames

Recovery. River Thames

SWS Essex River Thames

SWS Essex. River Thames

ZP Bear. London

ZP Bear. Pool of London

SD Seal. London

SD Seal. Pool of London

Devout Thames River, London

Devout. River Thames

Svitzer Madeleine Tilbury

Svitzer Madeleine. Tilbury

Thames Vixen River Thames

Thames Vixen. River Thames

Guy James Portsmouth

Guy James. Portsmouth

Jack James Portsmouth

Jack James. Portsmouth

Janet James Portsmouth

Janet James. Portsmouth

SD Genevieve Portsmouth

SD Genevieve. Portsmouth

SD Powerful

SD Powerful. Portsmouth

SD Indulgent Portsmouth

SD Indulgent. Portsmouth

SD Bountiful Portsmouth

SD Bountiful. Portsmouth

Terramare 1 Southampton

Terramare 1. Southampton

John King Bristol

John King. Bristol

Herbert Ballam Poole

Herbert Ballam. Poole

Princeton & Knighton Poole

Princeton & Knighton. Poole

Goliath and Kingston Poole

Goliath and Kingston. Poole

Millgarth. (Liverpool)

Smit Barbados. (Liverpool)

Daniel Adamson. (Liverpool)

Bantam tug “City”. Tewkesbury

Canning. Swansea

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