Union-Castle Waterline Models

I have 13 Union-Castle ships in my collection (no longer true, as at 29/09/2019 I have 29), but that is not all that is available if you know where to look. Some of the models out there are beautiful and the detail is so good that you have to ask: how do they achieve it in the first place? The major manufacturers are: CM Miniatures, Albatros, Hein Muck and Len Jordan. I have added in a list of models that I know about after the pics.

As at 29/09/2019 my collection now stands at 30 ships of which 18 are metal. Unfortunately trying to get the whole collection together for a group image is difficult.

1st Column (top to bottom): Edinburgh, Pretoria, Capetown, Oranje, Southampton, Reina Del Mar, Llandaf.

2nd Column: Windsor, Athlone, Windsor, Arundel, Rhodesia, Balmoral, Gloucester, Walmer, Iolaire.

3rd Column: Pendennis, Stirling, Bloemfontein, Carnarvon, Dunnottar, Dunnottar, Scot.

4th Column: Transvaal, Oranje, Capetown, Windsor, Warwick, Durban, Rochester.

As at 01/02/2019 my collection (20 ships) stood at:


1st column: Sea Princess, Windsor, Oranje, Pretoria, Llandaf, Dunnottar.

2nd column: Capetown, Capetown, Dunnottar, Rochester, Victoria.

3rd column: Durban,  Transvaal, Athlone, Carnarvon, Balmoral, Iolaire.

4th column: Pendennis, Striling, Reina Del Mar, Bloemfontein, Rhodesia.

My collection has since increased to 21+ ships so far and comprises:

Athlone Castle (CM-KR-442)

Arundel Castle (Albatros AL-55)

Drakensberg Castle

Kinpurnie Castle

Norman (Grysbowski 10A)

Arundel Castle (Duncan Robinson)

RMS Scot (Albatros AL159)

Pretoria Castle. (CM-KR-443)

Warwick Castle (J.G. Cottrell hand built 1/1200 scale)

Windsor Castle (Albatros ALK-117)

Windsor Castle (J.G. Cottrell hand built 1/1200 scale)

Gloucester Castle (Navis NM 910)

Walmer Castle (1936) Solent SOM007

RMS Edinburgh Castle (CM-KR-50)

Southampton/Good Hope Castle (CM-KR-54)

Balmoral Castle (Rhenania)

SY Iolaire (Albatros)

Bloemfontein Castle (CM-KR-56)

Rhodesia Castle (CM-KR-57)

Carnarvon Castle (Albatros AL-171A)

Carnarvon Castle (wartime garb, Albatros AL-121)

Windsor Castle (Albatros AL-180)

Pendennis Castle (CM-KR-51)

Transvaal Castle (CM-KR-53)

Pretoria Castle (Albatros AL-151)

Capetown Castle (Hein Muck HM216, Resin cast)

Durban Castle (Hein Muck resin cast)

Dunnottar Castle (Hein Muck, resin cast)

Dunnottar Castle (Albatros AR-148)

Athlone Castle (Len Jordan LJ-18 resin cast)

Reina Del Mar (Len Jordan LJL-29 resin cast)

Llandaff Castle (Len Jordan resin cast)

Stirling Castle. Troopship livery (Len Jordan LKJ-39 resin cast)

SA Oranje (Modified Capetown Castle from the Hein Muck range)

Rochester Castle (Len Jordan LJM-35 )

Commercial models exist of a number of U-C ships, but they tend to be pricey and not always available. These are some that I know about:

A great place to see what is out there is http://sammelhafen.de/index.php?p=uebersicht

And there you have it for now. Not an exhaustive list by any means and always a work in progress.

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