Cargo Callers to South Africa

I am a sucker for cargo ships and over the years I took many pics of them in Durban, or wherever I happened to be at that moment in time. Oddly enough they all have a peculiar attraction, and I enjoy seeing the variety of ships that do ply the oceans carrying cargo, although box boats do not really do much for me at the best of times.  I spent many hours photographing ships in Durban. All on slide and most unidentified. These are some of the ones that I could put an ID to. Unfortunately the scanned images do not really do justice to these vessels as well as the original slides do, but I would rather have these pics than none at all.  This page is really under some sort of construction, or it shall be once I figure out how to add images to the old gallery format.

Most images are taken in Durban, between 1986 and about 1997.

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