Voyage Reports

I have taken 11 cruises; Some short, some long; my last being in 1997. I wrote voyage reports on them shortly after each voyage for our local shipping newsletter, and the reports below are pretty much the way they were back when I wrote them. Unfortunately I was really just starting out with WordPress at the time of adding these from the old website, so some may look odd, but that was just me learning as I went along. I am slightly better at it now.  Some of these posts have now been migrated so will open in Musings instead of here.    28/02/2021. All reports are now migrated. 

Sadly Rudi Van Dijk crossed the bar in December 2018. Rudi and I did 5 cruises together and visited a number of ships. Unfortunately his collection of slides and images were lost when he died. 

Voyage Reports

Achille Lauro (1986/87).  Durban-Mauritius-Durban

Betsy Ross (1988). Durban- Out to the blue

Oceanos (1989). Seychelles – Durban

MCV Berg (1990). Durban – Walvis Bay – Durban

Aegean Dolphin (1992). Durban – Bazaruto – Durban

Canberra (1992) . Durban – Cape Town

RMS St Helena. (1993). Cape Town – Tristan Da Cunha – Cape Town


Symphony (1995). Durban- Out to the blue

Rhapsody (1996). Durban – Bazaruto – Durban

Oriana (1997). Durban – Cape Town

Symphony (1997). Cape Town – Durban

Shieldhall (2014) Southampton – Ryde

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