Sea View Memorial in Sea View, Durban

This little known memorial is situated at Google Earth co-ordinates:  29° 54.151′ S, 30° 58.435′ E and was photographed by James Houston-McMillan in 2013.  Although the area is reasonably far from the sea, there is a view of the Bay from the nearby hill called “Jacobs Ladder”.

The rather neglected war memorial was photographed by Shelly Baker while on her travels in Durban.

The road slopes down so an area has been cut into the pavement and part of the corner property. It is walled off nicely but is now sadly very unkempt and overgrown, and full of litter with a few steps down into the monument area. Panel 1, the main panel faces south and Sarnia Road, and is darker due to it being weather-facing. It is easily seen from the main road through the area, being Sarnia Road (the lower section close to the southern freeway which is often referred to as “Jacob’s Ladder”).

The Roll of Honour is as follows:

The Memorial may be found at: 29°54’09.1″S, 30°58’26.2″E

* Update 07/09/2017*

On Thursday 7 September 2017 boys from Glenwood High School returned to the Memorial to complete their general clean-up of the surrounding area. The grass was cut, 4 bags of grass cuttings and rubbish were collected. The surrounding stone seats were scrubbed and a further bag of rubbish was collected. The boys intended returning the next week to hold a small memorial service in remembrance of the names of the monument. There used to be a Boer War era field gun at the site as a silent sentry but it was removed for “security reasons”. It was moved to the Moth Cottages where it fell into serious disrepair. It was then going to be sold for scrap but  Glenwood High School was offered the gun provided it repaired and maintained it. The gun was restored by a Glenwood parent and now stands proudly next to the War Memorial at the school.

Thanks for Kevin Jordan for the information.

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