Sea Trader

Returning from a cruise in 1988, we had some time to kill and came across Sea Trader alongside. She was on her last voyage, and was in a very poor condition on board. We were shown around, and one of her cranes was being used to remove another crane. Rust had taken hold, and there was a feeling of despair coming from the mate who was showing us around.

She was built as Parakoola as one of 3 sisters ordered by Swedish Transatlantic for the Australasian trade. She was renamed Sestriere for a spell before being transferred to her owners South African service in ’73 and renamed Temnaren. Sold in 1980 she was renamed Venus Del Mar and resold to her last owners in 1988, renamed Venus Trader and later Sea Trader.

Seatrader in Durban
Sea Trader in Durban
Beautiful wood paneled bridge
Beautiful wood panelled bridge
Stern detail
Stern detail

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