Richard Wadeson. VC.

Richard Wadeson (31/07/1826 – 24/01/1885) was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions during the Indian Mutiny.

The Citation, recorded in the London Gazette of Issue: 22212, Page: 5518 reads:

“75th Regiment, Lieutenant Richard Wadeson, Date of Act of Bravery, 18th July, 1857.

For conspicuous bravery at Delhi on the 18th of July, 1857, when the Regiment was engaged in the Subjee Mundee, in having saved the life of Private Michael Farrell, when attached by a Sowar of the enemy’s Cavalry, and killing the Sowar.

Also, on the same day, for rescuing Private John Barry, of the same Regiment, when, wounded and helpless, he was attacked by a Cavalry Sowar, whom Lieutenant Wadeson killed.”

He died in 1885  and is buried in Brompton Cemetery in London.

Brompton Cemetery, London.

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