Resurrection and Preservation

Once the collection had been rationalised work was started on trying to preserve what was left. The irony is that a lot of damage had been done because simple things had never been seen to. Closing windows in coaches, fixing leaks in roofs, removing coal from tenders, cutting grass, a coat of paint, etc. These were things that the new team had to tackle, and they went to it with a vengeance. I seemed to only be able to get there once in awhile, but I could see the difference immediately. A lot of the wood, screws, fittings and glass from the broken up coaches were being used to restore the other coaches on the site. The two dining saloons were in a very poor condition due to neglect, but now they were looking fantastic on the exterior. Some pages link to further pages on that particular vehicle.

These images were mostly taken in 2011, with my last visit happening in June 2012. Unfortunately this was the last time I visited Sanrasm. In April 2014, the scrap vultures hit again, cutting the frames of a number of locos, thereby condemning them to the cutting torches just like everything else. All that is really left are the coaches, and the spares from some of the locos that will live on in the preserved machines still running in South Africa. These items were taken to Reefsteamers in Germiston, although I do not know any of the details of what has survived, both Class 6s survived but can say that 14R-1909, 14R-1705 and 1737 were scrapped, as was 15BR-1990, 1A-1253, the GDA Garrat, 16DA-844 and the Grafton steam crane were all scrapped and sadly 19D-2644 Wardale is now history. Oddly enough the coaches did survive reasonably well and along with the remnants were taken to Reefsteamers.

Class 16DA No.844

Kitchen Coach 282

Kitchen Coach 282

19d-2644 Wardale

Class 6A-454

Davenport shunter

Class 6A-473

Phantom Pass diner

Inside Shashi

Engineers caboose

2nd class sleeper 2123

Davenport diesel

Wesvaal Private coach

Class 14R-1705

Class 1 No.1252

NBL Tank Loco “Jenny”

North Site cleared

Capsized slam door sub

Ruston Diesel shunter

yet another derelict

4-10-2 NBL 23722

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