It was decided that many of the derelict locos and assorted junk would be scrapped to raise funds to boost security and restore some of the more historically valuable or unique exhibits. There were no easy decisions to be made here. As much as we would all love to see everything preserved, there is just no way it could be accomplished without vast amounts of money and volunteers. The reality was the split between North and South Sites. North Site had to be cleared, there were no two ways about it. There were some items that would be returned to their owners, of specific interest were 4 locos that had belonged to Eskom, as well as a few other odds and ends. The eventual plan seemed to be that the restored remnants would eventually be sent to Reefsteamers in Germiston, while narrow gauge items would probably go to Sandstone. I will not go into the politics of the situation though, a lot of people were very unhappy about what happened, but again it comes down to what actions could be taken to either restore or safeguard what was left. This page deals with the breaking up of the collection. Some of these images may be sad to see, but the reality is that there were not too many options available. It should be born in mind that the two sites in Randfontein had neither running water, sewerage and usually no electricity. The fence was a joke, the grass was taking over again (My friend had quit after yet another round of fighting with the powers that be), and security was limited to a single guard who had to watch two separate sites.

The images below are of South Site. and the images below those are of North Site.

But even at this stage of the process scrap thieves still got onto the site, and amongst others stole the bearings off a 15F which resulted in it being added to the list of items to be cut. The reality is that once the frames get cut to remove bearings the loco is as only really fit to be cut up. To make matters worse, while cutting was happening at North site sparks caused a fire which effectively destroyed most of remaining wooden coaches and flammable items on the site.

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