Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

While on a quick trip to Portsmouth I found the Naval Memorial at Southsea quite by accident but did not have a lot of time to really photograph it better than I could in the short time I had. It is a daunting memorial, the plaques on it seem to be endless, and there are 24599 names on it.The loss of a single ship could involve the loss of hundreds of men at a time, and there are no physical graves for most on this memorial.

The Memorial is on the Southsea Common overlooking the promenade, and can be seen from a long distance. Ships pass it on their way to the naval dockyard and it is an imposing site. There are similar memorials at Chatham (18627 names) and Plymouth (23210 names).

All These were Honoured in Their Generations

and were the Glory of Their times

Google Earth co-ordinates are:  50.782507°,  -1.095661°

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