Portsmouth Civilian Casualties Memorial

I always keep a look out for these Civilian Memorials because it is very easy to find the military graves in a cemetery, but not as simple to find the graves of those who were killed during the bombing of the cities. Surprisingly there are not too many of them around, but I am hoping to expand on the few that I already have and to add them into this page too. This particular memorial is in Portsmouth Kingston Cemetery.

Civilian Casualty Memorial, Kingston Cemetery, Portsmouth

Civilian Casualty Memorial, Kingston Cemetery, Portsmouth

Portsmouth, because of its extensive naval dockyard was a target for the Luftwaffe during World War 2, and it was inevitable that bombs would fall on civilian areas.

There is no real way to know whether the people named here are buried in individual graves, there is however a large space behind the memorial, and it is possible that there is a mass grave there, or elsewhere in this sprawling cemetery. Sadly, many of those killed were not identified.

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