Ouhoutbossie and Manchester Regiment Memorial: Mpumalanga.

My thanks go to Joe Borain who sent me the images of the Manchester Regiment and Ouhoutbossie Memorials. These can be found on the R540 between Dullstroom and Lydenburg.

The Manchester Regiment may be found at Google Earth Co-ordinates  25° 18.526’S,  30° 12.983’E, while the Ouhoutbossie Memorial may be found at  25° 19.200’S, 30° 12.433’E.

I must admit I am puzzled by Ouhoutbossie (Bush of old wood?) . The only inscription on it is “Herbegrawe te Bergendal 29 Aug 1970” (Reburied at Bergendal 29 Aug 1970). I was unable to find any real context to this memorial, but Joe Borain was able to add to the knowledge, “Apparently a skirmish took place on the night of the 9th December 1901 at Ouhoutbossie and lasted  till the following morning. That being between the Brits and the Boers. Eight Boers were killed in the skirmish and were buried at the spot of the memorial, but in 1970 were exhumed and reburied at Bergendal. The memorial also commemorates 31 other Burghers who were buried in this district.” Thanks Joe.

In January 2019, Kobus Coetzee sent me a photograph of a plaque related to the battle.

Commemorative Plaque

Commemorative Plaque

Roughly translated it reads:

The Battle of Outhoutbossie
19 December 1901
A commando led by Genl. Christiaan-Muller attacked the mounted infantry in this area
to inflict maximum damage.
Cmdt. Nick Groenewald attacked from the East, Kmdt. Fanie Trichardt attacked
from the west, and Genl. Muller from the south
with a “Bommeksim”.
The night was very dark and
there was a thick mist.
9 Brave burghers from Middelburg Commando were killed
Erected September 2009.

A “Bommeksim” may refer to a 37mm Maxim-Nordenfelt quick firing pom-pom.

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