Oldham War Memorial, Oldham, Lancs.

This beautiful memorial I found in Oldham, in Town Centre and close to the St Mary’s Church. Its a beautiful memorial but seems out of place opposite a pub with rowdy revellers doing their thing.

A large number of men from Manchester and Oldham died in the “Pals Regiments” and Albert Toft was commissioned to provide the memorial to them. The memorial was unveiled by General Sir Ian Hamilton in April 1923 while William Temple, Bishop of Manchester, provided the dedication. The interior of the pedestal contained a chamber in which were placed books containing the local roll of honour, and a space in which people could pray. After the Second World War it was decided to incorporate a Book of Remembrance into the base of the original memorial as a tribute to those who had died in the recent war.

There are two Victoria Cross holders commemorated on the name plates. Walter MIlls Vc and James Kirk VC.

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