Musgrave Centre Plaques

These photographs were taken at the Musgrave Center in Durban. There are 2 plaques on view. A World War 1 plaque and a World War 2 plaque which was unveiled by Brig-Gen G.M.J. Molyneux DSO VD. Unfortunately the former has been so well polished that its very difficult to effectively photograph the names on it.  The World War II plaque does seem to have links to Randles Brothers and Hudson in Durban. 

Several years later, we were contacted by someone trying to find the plaques, but that they couldn’t be found. I did contact the centre several times, hoping that they had them stashed in some basement and could be moved somewhere for public display. Sadly, management had changed far too many times in the interim so I’m hoping someone ‘out there’ will know if they were moved anywhere somewhere safe.