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The graves in this section are found out on the East Rand, unfortunately the death notices do not specify a cemetery by name but only by area (unless I have an image of the grave). Theoretically, this should cover Primrose Cemetery in Germiston, Rynsoord Cemetery in Benoni, Brenthurst Cemetery in Brakpan and Boksburg Cemetery in Boksburg. I have not included the ANZAC Memorial graves in this section.  Also included in this collection are graves that were photographed by Terry Cawood and Ronnie Lovemore. Zackey grave courtesy of Sarah Welham Dove, Jordan grave by  Glynis Millett-Clay

Primrose Cemetery

Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery

  • Dirk Hendrick Ackerman (Gold miner, compound fracture of skull, 28/02/1922, Buried in Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR 329) 
  • Horace William Adcock (Mine detective. GSW head, 10/03/1922, buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery EC297)
  • Sidney George Beal (Fitter in a mine, GSW through chest 14/03/1922, headstone in Primrose & Benoni Cemetery, buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery,  Weslyan sec 151 )
  • Louis Lourens Breytenbach (Underground miner, GSW head and chest, 10/03/1922. Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR 378)
  • Abraham Hermanus Bruwer (Miner underground, GSW chest and head. 13/03/1922 Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR379)
  • Annie Bullard. (Born Doubtfire. Housewife. GSW through head, 13/03/1922. Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery EC449)
  • Christian Bains De Villiers (Miner underground, GSW through heart 10/03/1922. Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR427)
  • Sgt. Henry Hough Roux (Transvaal Scottish, Electrician, GSW of left chest, 12/03/1922,  buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery EC447)
  • L/Sgt Hooper, Frederick William (GSW through neck and spine, SAP, 12/031922. Buried in Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery EC248)
  • Const. Hannant, Benjamin (SAP. GSW internal haemorrhage 11/03/1922. Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery EC244)
  • Dennis Higgins (Shift boss underground. GSW head, 10/03/1922, buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery EC296)
  • Const. Howe, Frederick Henry Ludwig (SAP. GSW head, 12/03/1922.  Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery EC299)
  • James James. (Butcher, GSW heart, 10/03/1922. Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery. Presbyterian sec 152)
  • Johannes Hendrik Jooste (Gold miner underground. GSW chest. 11/03/1922, Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR383?)
  • Const. Jordan, Addison Ridley (SAP. GSW head, 10/03/1922,  Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery EC249)
  • Const. Kruger, Nicholas Andries Cornelius (GSW Chest, 13/03/1922. SAP, buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery EC245)
  • Charlotte Enid Lombard (Housewife GSW neck and spine. 12/03/1922 Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR376)
  • Const, Jacob Rudolph Lotter (27/03/1922 Accidentally shot by a sentry, Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery EC 250)
  • Gnr. Matthys Johannes Lourens (Gunner SA Mounted Rifles. GSW chest and abdomen. 13/03/1922. Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery EC 250)
  • Alfred Clifton Pengelly (Pengully on DN) (Underground miner 10/03/1922 GSW through heart, buried in Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR330)
  • Hermanus Johannes Redelinghuys (Underground miner, GSW, ? paralysis (record indistinct) 19/03/1922 Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR381)
  • Edward Adrian Solomon. (Miner, wounds and hemorrhage left lung. 13/03/1922 Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR380)
  • Maria Magdalena Truter (Housewife, 11/03/1922. Killed by a bomb dropped from aircraft, Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR377)
  • Gert G Van Rooyen (Civilian, 11/03/1922, no additional info. Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR375)
  • Cyrus St John Watts (Motor mechanic, GSW through neck. 11/03/1922. Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery, Weslyan sec 104)
  • Alec Zackey (school boy 11 yrs, 10/03/1922, GSW chest, buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery RC56)
  • Dora Zackey (school girl 14 yrs, 10/03/1922, GSW head, buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery RC56) 
  • William, No Surname (GSW through abdomen. 14/03/1922 Buried Benoni Native Cemetery)

Boksburg and Brakpan Cemeteries

  • Const. Van Heerden, Daniel Joachim (SAP. GSW head, 11/03/1922. Buried  Boksburg Cemetery)
  • Sergt. Arthur James Haviside (Killed at Dunswart, 12/10/1922, buried in Boksburg  Cemetery)
  • Harry Ambrose Paulsen  (Barber. Bullet wound of skull and hammerblows. 13/03/1922 Boksburg Cem)
  • David Hermanus Lucas Krause. (Gold Miner. Puncture wound left flank. 28/03/1922 Boksburg Cem)
  • John Henry Erland/Erlank (Erlank on grave)  (Gold miner, GSW Skull and brain. 12 March 1922. Boksburg main Cemetery)
  • Abselom or Abselon, No Surname (Concussion of brain. 16/03/1922. Buried Boksburg Cemetery)
  • Petrus Jacobus Francois Van Der Westhuizen (Underground gold miner, bullet wound of chest 10/03//1922 DR Church burial grounds Brakpan)
  • Louis Johannes Fourie (Underground gold miner, GSW around lung 10/03//1922 DR Church burial grounds Brakpan)
  • Catine (or Canteen), No Surname.  (Mine labourer, GSW of chest 10/03/1922. Buried Brakpan Mines, Brakpan)
  • Nat Const. Puza Kanyile or Konyile (Buried “Springs Native Cemetery” Body found 14/03/1922) 

Photographed graves:


Brown G, AV Higham AV -(03/1922)

Beal SG  – (12/03/1922)

Van Der Walt TJ (11/03/1922)


Joubert PP  (11/03/1922)


Hannant B  (10/03/1922)

Higgins D (10/03/1922)

Hooper FW  (12/03/1922)

Howe FHL (11/03/1922)

Adcock HW (10/03/1922)

Kruger NAC (10/03/1922)

Roux HH –    (12/03/1922)

Van Rooyen G (11/03/1922)

Zackey siblings. (10/03/1922).

Alfred Pengelly (10/03/1922)

Jordan AR

Cyrus Watts (11/03/1922)


Harry Paulsen (13/03/1922)

John Erlank (13/03/1922)

  Buried elsewhere  

Ross G – Roodepoort Old Cem (13/03/1922)

Taylor RW – Rebecca Str. PTA (10/03/1922)


Milne J – St John, Walmer (13/03/1922)

No 1  Military Cemetery Thaba Tshwane

Carey-Thomas WW – Voortrekkerhoogte (10/03/1922)

Gordon-Gray G – Voortrekkerhoogte (11/03/1922)

Lt. LF Gregorowski. – Voortrekkerhoogte )14/03/1922)

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