Anzac Memorial in Brakpan

This memorial in Brakpan has been relegated to the veldt and no maintenance had taken place there for years.

Commemorating what is known as the “Brakpan Mine Incident” during the Rand Revolt of 1922; It seems as if the ideal was to have a place of reflection, with benches around the sides and an unused stamp mill to provide relevance. The stamp mill was gone, the fence was falling down and the road was just litter strewn track. Sadly the overall state of the memorial is as such that soon it will be just another abandoned structure which has no indication of its history.

I am not sure whether there are actual graves underneath the eight slabs, if there are then technically this is a cemetery. The slabs commemorate the following men associated with this incident.

H. Martin, L Phillips.
A.B. Momsen, G.W. Lowden
S.J. Combrink, F.H. Smit
J.H. Jordaan, V.F. Brodigan

The memorial may be found at 26° 13.059’S, 28° 21.300’E. Be wary though, this area is full of abandoned buildings and safety may be an issue. These images were taken in 2007.

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