Mendi Memorials

The first time I read about the loss of Mendi I was fascinated. There was just so little written about this disaster, and finding anything was almost impossible. It has taken many years to get as far as I have with my Mendi compilation, and even today I occasionally find out information that has emerged so many years after the fact. The one comment I would like to make is that the current group of military veterans are embracing the disaster and helping to keep alive the memory of those who lost their lives in a war that did not really affect them.

The important thing to remember is that these men were volunteers, they could have ignored the call and stayed at home. But they did not.

There are a number of relevant pages/posts in my compilation. Please look through them all. There are two more Mendi Memorials in South Africa that I am aware of, one in Simonstown and another in Cape Town on the lower campus of UCT, on the spot of the former Rosebank Camp. Hopefully one day somebody will donate images of them for here.

Model of the SS Mendi by Buddy Bacon, in Simonstown Naval Museum. Used with permission

The loss of HMT Mendi

HMT Mendi Roll of Honour

The Mendi Memorial at Hollybrook Cemetery

The Mendi Memorial at Atteridgeville

The Mendi Memorial at Avalon Cemetery

The Mendi Memorial at New Brighton

Mendi Graves in the United Kingdom

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