Meet the Girls: Samantha

Full Names: Samantha Miriam.
Nicknames: Sam.
Statistics: Theresa, black hair, blue eyes.
Manufactured: China. Arrived in SA: April 2008
Pets: Fuzzface the cat
Hobbies and Interests: Stamp collecting, Soduko, tap dancing, reality TV, aerobics
Clubs and Societies: The Loveable Sisters Society.
Previous owners: MT Friend.
Arrival story: The New Theresa.

General: Samantha is the 22nd Twinn in the family and is one of the upload MT Friends. She is the best friend of Victoria and they often hide away under the bed when things are too scarey. She will however not admit that she too is a wuss, and always insists that she is supporting Victoria. She was always wanted to do tap dancing but keeps on falling into the bath. She now lives with the girls in Pretoria

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