Meet the Girls: Jayne

Full Names: Jayne Patricia.
Original Names: Anastasia Tanya. Renamed 26 December 2008
Nicknames: The Cabbage Patch Catie
Statistics: Caitie, 1996, blonde hair, blue eyes.
Manufactured: Denver. Arrived in SA: August 2006
Occupation: Consultant
Hobbies and Interests: Restoring vintage machinery, cactus gardening, scrabble and chess.
Pets: Jinx the ship’s cat
Clubs and Societies: The Rusty Boiler Club, X-Ta-Cee Scrabble Society.
Previous owners: Previous unknown, Jo in PA.
Arrival story: Anastasia’s Arrival.

General: Anastasia is the 14th Twinn in the family, and was probably the oldest, coming from a long line of Caities. Her previous owners are unknown and she originally had a NP body. Her early years were particularly traumatic and she was rescued through the intervention of a secret society, She has since moved to South Africa where she assists at the local Citizens Advise Bureau where she specialises in case of toy abuse. She was renamed in December 2008. She has relocated to Pretoria where she lives with the rest of the girls.

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