Meet the Girls: Dawn

Full Names: Dawn Eileen.
Nicknames:Twinn of a Thousand Questions.
Statistics: Caitie mold, Blue eyes, 02 complexion, various hair colours and styles.
Manufactured: Denver. 1997, arrived in SA: July 2004
Pets: Idris the Dragon
Favourite tool: Dawn’s Chainsaw.
Occupation: Detective. Registered with Dolly Detective Board. Story teller.
Hobbies and Interests: Comic collecting, Pink Floyd music, Twinn adventures, reading stories.
Previous owners: Tricia in Texas.
Arrival story: The arrival of Dawn.
Official duties: Retired Member of the Twinn Council of South Africa 2004-2008.

General: Dawn came from Texas in 2004 and is the second Twinn in the family. She was named Dawn because she arrived really early in the morning. She is a 1997 “Denver Doll” and has no permanent hairstyle. Her original hair colour was blonde but that has since been superceded. She does wear glasses but these are only for show. She is proud of her heritage as a Caitie and likes to remind other Twinns that in her opinion Caities are the only mold worth having and everybody else is just not up to scratch. She is very inquisitive and loves to ask awkward questions at the most inopportune times. Dawn is a comic collector, and not only does she collect them but she enjoys reading them too. She was appointed Chairman of the local comic collectors guild twice in a row and considered a valuable contributor to their newsletter. Dawn also enjoys biscuits, cake and chocolate and is not averse to the occasional pizza either. She is also a holder of the “The Silver Order of the Mallory Mountain Sheep” and was given an award for performing her civic duty. Dawn has had many different looks since her arrival, and she puts that down to her mastery of disguise.

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