Meet the Girls: Caitlyn

Caitlyn is my personalised custom doll, and I bought her in November 2003, having hummed and haa-ed for quite some time. As designed on the My Twinn website, Caitlyn could be described as follows: “A 23 inch, customised doll with a poseable body, having a T9 (Audrey mold) face, V (Dark Brown) “A” style hair (long straight with bangs), A05 (light blue) eyes, and a 01 (very fair) complexion.” I experimented with different hair colours and skin tones and it was touch and go between a black or dark brown haired one. The final picture was the end result. I must admit though, the black hair colour was a close second.

Caitlyn. Profile and as built

Caitlyn. Profile and as built

Finally I placed my order and she eventually arrived in January of 2004, possibly one of the last dolls which were actually delivered when MT went down. I only got to see the first picture of her in April of 2004, and when I arrived in the USA at the end of that month was able to see my visualisation from close up. She was a wonderous sight to behold.


Full Names: Caitlyn Rose.
Nicknames: Cait, Most High Weenie, Oh Fine Alpha Twinn, Oh Chairpoobah.
Statistics: T9 (Audrey mold) face, V (Dark Brown) “A” style hair (long straight with bangs), A05 (light blue) eyes, and 01 (very fair) complexion.
Manufactured: China 2003, arrived in SA: May 2004
Pets: Godzilla the city stomping monster
Occupation: Formerly detective. Registered with Dolly Detective Board. Currently resting between jobs.
Hobbies and Interests: Monster movies, reading detective novels, playing solitaire, Twinn adventures, playing hide and seek, hanging around with Muffin the Cat
Official duties: Previous ChairTwinn of the Twinn Council of South Africa from 2004 to 2008.

General: Caitlyn is the only customised Twinn amongst the Tumbling Twinns and is also the official SpokesTwinn for them. She also served as ChairTwinn of the Twinn Council till 2009. Her duties as the local naming authority for South Africa were relegated to Skye, who is a genuine Princess. Caitlyn enjoys pizza and milkshakes and loves to watch B movies whenever she can, she is also a holder of the “The Silver Order of the Mallory Mountain Sheep.” She briefly worked as an electronics technician and dallied with becoming a FireTwinn. Caitlyn and Dawn went into the detective business and she was part owner of the C&D Detective agency. She is registered with the Dolly Detective Board and served on the committee for the local library. She has been nominated to serve on the local Chamber of Commerce but declined due to business commitments.

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