Meet the Girls: Amanda

amandabiothuFull Names: Amanda Carlene.
Nicknames: Mandy, Kelsey
Statistics: Kelsey mold, blue/grey eyes, 01 complexion.
Manufactured: Denver. Arrived in SA: September 2004
Pets: Waffles the Labrador.
Occupation: Librarian, Student.
Hobbies and Interests: Animals, dogs, reading, nature and the outdoors.
Previous owners: Karla at Blueberry Hill.
Arrival story: Amanda’s Arrival.
Official duties: Retired Member of the Twinn Council of South Africa 2004-2008.

General: Amanda is one of the Loveable Sisters (LS Kelsey) molds and came to South Africa in 2004. She is soft natured and very intelligent and is always ready to make peace and reconcile when there are arguments. She dotes on her pet labrador Waffles and loves all animals and would have liked to be a vet if only she wasn’t so scared of blood. She is always ready and willing to help anybody and is always being used as a shoulder to cry on by the other Twinns. Amanda is an early riser and enjoys taking long walks accompanied by Waffles. She was selected to serve as Twinn Time in the South African region for 2006 and is a very popular Twinn and has many admirers all around the world. She has since moved in with Elinor Valentine and is enjoying her days playing with the resident cats.

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