London Troops War Memorial

I almost walked into this memorial one gray morning when I was in the area of Bank Station, and I seem to recall I was heading elsewhere at the time so did not really take much heed of it. However, looking at my images I also did not really photograph it as well as I should have.

The memorial is known as the London Troops Memorial and may be found outside the Royal Exchange in the City of London

Two bronze statue of  soldiers represent  The Royal Fusiliers and the Royal Field Artillery.

The memorial  was unveiled on 12 November 1920 The memorial was unveiled by Prince Albert, Duke of York. and it too would have to be updated following the Second World War.

The main inscriptions reads:

The bronze figures were sculpted by Alfred Drury and the stone-carver and letterer was William Silver Frith, and the architect was Sir Aston Webb. and it is a Grade II listed building

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