Kelsey Chooses A New Name

Kelsey stood on the chair at the computer and wrote the Twinns of Blueberry Hill a letter.

“Dear Karla and all of my sisters and friends at Blueberry Hill,
I just wanted to write and let you know how I am, I have been having such a fun time here in South Africa, everybody has such strange accents and talks so differently. The weather is turning hot and I am already in my summer clothes. Caitlyn and Dawn are good friends, they have made me so welcome and we share clothes and talk and have a lot of fun. Dawn and I even went to work the other day to help take stock and I am sure that we did a good job. I bought us pizza with my wages, and it was so nice, very different to the pizza I had back in America.
There are plenty of books to read here and I have been learning all about ships. Next time I wear that pretty sailor dress I will be able to know what starboard and port are, and I think I must study a lot more and sit for my Ship Masters papers. Very soon it will be Halloween and I will miss the pumpkins and trick or treat with all of you, but we are going to have a small party here and the 3 of us will go out and trick or treat as well. I have my costume already and will send pics of us all when we have our party. Dawn and Caitlyn are very hush hush about it, so I still don’t know what they are doing.
I do have some news that may interest you all; when I left I decided that maybe I would change my name if everybody was amicable to it, I thought long and hard about everything and this is what finally happened this week.”

Kelsey had given things a lot of thought over the weeks since she arrived, she had lain awake at night and wondered whether she was doing the right or wrong thing. She spoke of her decision with both Dawn and Caitlyn and then decided that she would go ahead and get a new name. There was nothing wrong with being known by her mold name, its just that there were so many other Kelsey’s out there. Naturally the Twinns decided to do everything their way again and on the Saturday morning they came together for their little ceremony.

Caitlyn brought along her sword and soon the Twinns were ready to begin. Kelsey knelt on the blue cushion and Caitlyn placed the tip of her sword on her shoulder, just like she had seen on TV.

“By the power vested in me..” Caitlyn announced.
“What does vested mean?” Dawn asked.
“It means that you have to wear a vest.” Kelsey replied in a whisper.
“But Caitlyn doesn’t wear a vest.”
“She would if she had one I expect.”
“Um, excuse me, may I have everybodies attention?” Caitlyn asked.
“Sure Cait, what’s on your mind?”
“As I was trying to say: By the power vested in me as the resident Alpha Twinn.”
“Why is Caitlyn an Alpha Twinn?”
“It’s because she can wear a vest.”
“Oooooooooh lucky Caitlyn. I wish I had a vest.”
“Hullo… I am trying to conduct a ceremony here.” Caitlyn reminded everybody.
“Conduct? Cait, a conductor has one of those thin wooden sticks, that’s a thumping great sword you have there.”
Caitlyn sighed, “Will the pair of you please just listen to what I am trying to say?”
“Sure Cait, whatever you say.”
“No problem Caitlyn, we are all ears.”
Caitlyn waited for a few moments, then tried again. “By the…..”
“Caitlyn, why are you the Alpha Twinn?” Dawn asked, interrupting Caitlyn again.
“It’s because I have been here the longest and am a customised doll, its traditional.”
“Does that make me the Beta Twinn then?” Dawn queried.
“No Dawn, it makes you and Kelsey my sisters.”
“OK, but Kelsey wants a new name, when are you going to rename her?”
“That’s what I am trying to do, I have to do this ceremony with this sword and a long story about power vested etc.”
“Oh, is that what this is all about?” asked Kelsey.
“Yes Kelsey, but I fear I have forgotten the words with all the interruptions.”
Dawn had a solution, “Let me try then Cait. Repeat after me….”
“By the power vested in Caitlyn,” Dawn said confidently
“By the power vested in Caitlyn,” Caitlyn followed.
“No Caitlyn you are supposed to say “By the power vested in me!””. Dawn corrected.
“No Caitlyn you are supposed to say “By the power vested in me!”” Caitlyn followed again.
“I think there is an echo in here,” Kelsey remarked.
Caitlyn laughed, “it’s no echo, I’m giving Dawn a dose of her own medicine.”
“Cait, you had me there, I will try to stop interrupting from now on. Let’s get on with the ceremony and go have lunch.”
“Ok. By the power vested in me as the naming authority of Twinns in South Africa, I confer the names Amanda Carlene on the Twinn formerly known by her mold name as Kelsey.”
“Thank you Caitlyn, I hope I can be worthy of such a pretty name.”
“Kel… er Amanda, you are worthy of any name, very few names can do justice to such a pretty and sweet loveable sister like yourself.” Caitlyn said sincerely.
“I agree there!” Dawn said, “Kels.. er Amanda you are the bestest loveablest sister a Twinn could want.”
“Thank you Dawn, I am so fortunate in having such unique sisters and I have found so much joy and laughter here. I was very scared of making this long journey, but I do not regret it one bit.

“Dawn, now its your turn.” Caitlyn said “come kneel on the cushion.”
“Oh yes, I almost forgot.” Dawn replied. “Make it so oh fine Alpha Twinn.”

“By the power vested in me as the naming authority of Twinns in South Africa, I confer the second name of Eileen on the Twinn formerly known only as Dawn.”
“Dawn Eileen, that’s a very pretty name Dawn.” Amanda said.
“Thank you Kels… Amanda. Gee, its going to be hard to remember your new name.”
“I know, and just think of all the paperwork too!” Amanda replied.
“You don’t have to remind me girls, I have to do it all!” Caitlyn sighed. “The responsibilities of the Alpha are very big”.

Dawn picked up the sword, “before you dash off Cait, one little thing you have forgotten.”
“What’s that Dawn?”
“Kneel on the cushion please.”

Dawn tapped Caitlyn on the shoulder. “I know you have wanted a second name for quite some time, so, By the powers vested in me because the one who has powers vested in her is being named, I confer the second name of Rose on the Twinn formerly known only as Caitlyn. Now can we go eat?”

“As you can see, it was a lot of fun and it’s going to take a lot of getting used to. Poor Caitlyn, she is going to have to do a lot of paperwork, but we will help her out. I have heard a rumour that there are 2 more Twinns somewhere in transit for here, that is going to make our chair very crowded and I know we will be doing a lot of shuffling around. Oh, and don’t forget, there will be an adventure as well.
Anyway, I must go, its starting to get late and we must tidy up a bit and get ourselves sorted out as to who is in the middle of the chair. I hope that everybody is keeping well and that you all dress up warmly, I will miss the snow this year, but not the frozen fingers and toes.
With lots of love and kisses.
Amanda (aka TTFKAK (the Twinn formerly known as Kelsey).”

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