John Weller EM

John Weller (1889 – 14/12/1978) was awarded the Edward Medal for his actions at Catterick, Wales on 04 February 1944.

“He was 33 years old and working at Catterick Bridge railhead, where he had just finished unloading ammunition from a lorry. He was in a traffic hut when there was an explosion some 30-40ft away; the hut collapsed and he was thrown a considerable distance from it. The explosion was followed by extensive fires in the surrounding area, caused mainly by grenades and incendiary bombs scattered from nearby trucks. Mr Weller, though badly shaken, returned to the hut, which was on fire. He was joined by another man, who, injured himself, was able to assist him to rescue three men from the ruins and carry them to safety.”

(His name on the citation is given as John Weller Brown.)

He is buried in Richmond Cemetery, Richmond, Yorkshire.

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