John Grant Malcolmson VC, MVO

John Grant Malcolmson (09/02/1835 – 14/08/1902) was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions during the Persian War in 1857.

The Citation, recorded in the London Gazette of Issue: 22409, Page: 2860, reads:

“3rd Bombay Light Cavalry, Lieutenant and Adjutant Arthur Thomas Moore, and Lieutenant John Grant Malcolmson. Date of Acts of Bravery, 8th February, 1857

On 8 February 1857 at the Battle of Khushab, Persia, the adjutant of the regiment (Arthur Thomas Moore) was probably the first in the attack, but his horse, on leaping into the square, fell dead, crushing his rider and breaking his sword. The adjutant extricated himself and tried with his broken sword to force his way through the enemy, but he would almost certainly have lost his life had not Lieutenant Malcolmson seen his plight, fought his way to his dismounted comrade and, giving him his stirrup, carried him to safety.

The thoughtfulness for others, cool determination, devoted -courage, and ready activity shewn in extreme danger by this young Officer, Lieutenant Malcolmson, appear to have been most admirable  and to be worthy of the most highest honour.”

He is interred in the family vault in Kensal Green Cemetery in London

The Family Vault of James Malcolmson Campden Hill, Kensington and Gloucester Square AD 1857

The Family Vault of James Malcolmson, Campden Hill, Kensington and Gloucester Square AD 1857

Kensal Green

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