Johannesburg Fire Department Memorial: Braamfontein Cemetery.

This memorial can be found close to the coffin rest and next to the Police Plot in Braamfontein Cemetery. It’s oldest commemoration is dated 1897.

I am unsure whether firemen are still buried here, as the last name on the plaque was dated 1991. In 1906 the fire tower at Fairview was erected. At 35 metres high it commanded an excellent view of the city to the west of it, and it was the highest tower of its type in the city at the time. The tower still exists, although it is no longer used for fire spotting.

Fairview fire tower

Fairview fire tower

The Firemans Prayer

The Fireman’s Prayer

The Fireman’s Prayer is set in a small plaque next to the Fire Department Memorial. It is barely legible so I added in the wording over the original.

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