James Peter Robertson VC

James Peter Robertson (26/10/1883 – 06/11/1917) was  awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions during the First World War.

The Citation reads:

“Peter Robertson earned the Victoria Cross during the final assault on Passchendaele, Belgium, 6 November 1917 with the 27th Infantry Battalion. His platoon was held up by barbed wire and a German machine gun. He was able to dash round to an opening on the flank of the enemy position and rush the gun. After a desperate struggle, Robertson killed four of the crew, then turned the enemy gun on the remainder. This enabled his platoon to continue towards its objective, with Robertson still firing the captured gun at the enemy as it retreated. Later when two of his own snipers were wounded in front of their trench, he went out and carried one of them in under severe fire, but when he returned with the second man, he was killed by a bursting shell.”

He is buried in Tyne Cot Cemetery, Passchendale, Belgium.

James Peter Robertson VC

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