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When I started to change to the blog format I was still busy with the second page when the first heap of spam arrived at my doorstep, and given the amount of spam which seems to originate whenever an email address appears upon a webpage I never had a contact mail in this blog and disabled the comments for all posts.  However, it does seem as if people do want to contact me. Please note, this is not a mailto link but an image (for spam bot purposes). If you do need to email me then please manually add in the address from the image.

If I do not reply be aware that spam filters do tend to look at things like the content and subject of an email as well as any attachments and often these do end up in my spam box where they get flushed into the bilges periodically, often unread by me, so please bear that in mind when sending through an email. Oh, and if you do send me spam be rest assured I will flush it, after I have reported it, banned it and heaped curses upon the heads of the sender. I have no sympathy with spammers, they are part of what is destroying the internet.

As for a guestbook? forget it!