Horace William Madden GC

Horace William Madden (14/02/1924 – 06/11/1951) was awarded the George Cross for his actions between 24 April and 06 November 1951, while a Prisoner of War at Kapyong, Korea.

“He was 26 years old and serving in the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment when he was captured by Chinese communist forces. Despite the repeated beatings and many forms of ill-treatment because of his defiance towards his captors. Although deprived of food, resulting in severe malnutrition, he was known to share his meagre supplies, purchased from Koreans, with other prisoners who were sick. For over 6 months, despite his own health failing, he resisted stoutly and never co-operated with the enemy. He died from malnutrition in late 1951.”

He is buried in the United Nations Military Cemetery, Busan, Korea.

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