Heath-Hayes War Memorial

I walked past these gates on my way to St John’s Churchyard in Heath-Hayes, and while I could not read the text from where I was, I did make a note to return and investigate on my way home.

After my photography session I headed for the gates, the ornate writing informed me that it was the Heath-Hayes Memorial. I went into the park, but could find neither hide nor hare of a war memorial. I was probably expecting the standard war memorial as I had seen so often. Puzzled, I returned to the gate, intending to look for a builders plate or similar and discovered that far from the gates leading into a war memorial, they were the war memorial!

Each gate post has a plaque on it, the inner two are from the first world war, while the outer pair are for the second world war.  Unfortunately the images were taken on a very grey and gloomy day, but I hope to return here one day and get better images.

The gates may be found at Google Earth co-ordinates  52.687202°,  -1.977399°

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