Harry Blanshard Wood VC, MM

Harry Blanshard Wood (21/06/1882-15/08/1924) was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions during the First World War.

The Citation, recorded in the London Gazette of Supplement: 31067, Page: 14777, reads:

“No. 16444 Cpl. (L./Sjt.) Harry Blanshard Wood. MM., 2nd Bri., S. Gds. (Bristol).

For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty during operations at the village of St. Python, France, on the 13th of October, 1918.

The advance was desperately opposed by machine guns, and the streets were raked by fire. His platoon serjeant was killed, and command of the leading platoon fell to him. The task of the company was to clear the western side of the village and secure the crossing of the River Selle. Command of the ruined bridge had to be gained, though the space in front of it. was commanded by snipers. Cpl. Wood boldly carried a large brick out into the open space, lay down behind it, and fired continually at these snipers, ordering his men to work across while he covered them by his fire. This he continued to do under heavy and well-aimed fire until the whole of his party had reached the objective point.

He showed complete disregard for his personal safety, and his leadership throughout the day was of the highest order. Later, he drove off repeated enemy counter-attacks against his position.

His gallant conduct and initiative shown contributed largely to the success of the day’s operations.”

He is buried in Soldiers’ Corner, grave number 1738, Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol.

Soldiers Corner, Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol..

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