The plinthed armour gallery

South Africa used to be awash with plinthed tanks, many at city War Memorials, or MOTH Shellholes. Sadly, the decline in these vehicles is disturbing as shellholes close and cities seemingly abandon their heritage. I have encountered quite a lot of plinthed military equipment on my travels, some in good condition, some vandalised and some ready to be carted away for scrap. I cannot always ID a lot of it (especially when it comes to Sherman variants). This gallery excludes items in the Museums in South Africa but may contain images from other parts of this website which may then lead to another page. Special thanks to Ronnie Lovemore and Clinton Hattingh for some of the pictures on this page.  Photographs of the tanks at Pretoria Regtiment in Pretoria courtesy of Gavin Spowart of Serval Shuttle, Transfers and Tours. Special thanks must also go to Michel van Loon who created Afregister, a nonprofit organization that is trying to create a database with surviving armour from around the world.

I must admit I also rely heavily on a document called “Preserved Tanks in South Africa” By William Marshall and Trevor Larkum 2000. I have found it for download in a number of odd places, but as yet have not found an updated edition. I have also been fortunate to visit Bovington Tank Museum, where I saw so much more. I included a Comet that I saw in Hong Kong at the Museum of Coastal Defence, just as a reminder of how these pieces of militaria could look if anybody really cared.

Updated 01/06/2015

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