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This page started out as a look at trains seen in other parts of the world, although it has become more about trains in the UK. I have split off the UK commuter trains from here and these may be seen on the UK Commuter Traction page.  Most of the images I have taken have been in the South East of the UK, including the Mid Hants Railway, Swindon Steam Museum and the Chasewater Railway, although some images are from my trip from Manchester in 2008. I have also included a page on the Hong Kong MTR, the London Underground as well as the Hythe Pier Train. I will probably add to this as the pics roll in and I travel further afield.

Odds and ends seen in the UK
Class 37-901 Mirrlees Pioneer The Watercress Line

UK Heritage Rail

UK Rolling Stock

UK Rolling Stock

UK Commuter Traction

UK Commuter Traction

Class 42160 Sir Moir Lockheed OBE Bristol Temple Mead

Class 42160 HST
Sir Moir Lockheed OBE

Class 33207 "Jim Martin" Salisbury Station

33207 “Jim Martin”
Salisbury Station

Network Rail Rail Grinder

Network Rail
Rail Grinder

Class 70-001 Southampton Central

Class 70-001
Southampton Central

Network Measuring Train Southampton Central

Network Measuring Train: Southampton 

Network Rail MPV Salisbury

Network Rail MPV

Hythe Pier Train

The Hythe Pier Train

Class57306 Eastleigh Depot

Class 57-306
Eastleigh Depot

Class 08-947 "Howie" Eastleigh Depot

Class 08-947 “Howie”
Eastleigh Depot

EWS traction En Route - London

EWS traction
En Route – London

Freightliner electric traction En Route - London

Freightliner electric traction
En Route – London

The London Underground (new page)

The London Underground
(new page)

Hong Kong (new page)

Hong Kong
(new page)

44932 "Blacks 5" Salisbury Station

44932 “Blacks 5”
Salisbury Station

67008 Diesel Moor Street Stn

67008 Diesel


Eurostar. St Pancras, London


Eurostar  St Pancras, London

M7 Class 30053 Northam Train Depot

M7 Class 30053
Northam Train Depot

Class 66-126 Southampton Central

Class 66-126
Southampton Central

Light Rail Gatwick Airport

Light Rail
Gatwick Airport

"Blacks 5" 45305 Great Central Railway

“Blacks 5” 45305
Great Central Railway

Avonside 0-6-0ST,  1764. “Portbury” (1917) Bristol

Class 47, D1935
“Roger Hosking MA”


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