Specific railway vehicles

Over the years I have gathered a few odds and ends on specific locos or coaches, and eventually they must all move to here, but until then this is a page that will serve as an index.

Class 19D-2644

Class 19D-2644 “Wardale”

Class 12 AR 1535

Class 12 AR 1535 “Susan”

Class 15F-3046

Class 15F-3046 “Janine”

Class 25NC-3472 "Elize"

Class 25NC-3472 “Elize”

Class 19D-2650 "Cheugnette"

Class 19D-2650 “Cheugnette”

Class GMAM 4079 "Lindie-Lou"

Class GMAM 4079 “Lyndie-Lou”

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