The Heidelberg Transport Museum

The Heidelberg Transport Museum is really a museum stuck in limbo. Its funds withdrawn many years ago, its major collection disposed of, there are only 5 vintage coaches and a steam engine left. It has been closed for a number of years, but I was able to swing a visit and it was wonderful. There are so many evocative memories in those beautiful old wooden coaches. I did a blog post at the time when I visited and there is a lot of information about the coaches in it.  My sincere thanks to Sipho who very kindly showed me around, he was so passionate about the museum, and so hopeful too. Since my visit things have changed at the museum so do not accept that these images reflect the current situation in 2020. The museum is now known as the Heidelberg Heritage Museum so please take the opportunity to visit this historical town and its collection of railway artefacts 

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