Freedom and the End

The Adventures of a Hollow Headed Girl.

Freedom and the End.

approved01 The paperwork was submitted and within a day it was returned with the required rubber stamp. Jenni and Der Brain were happy that this was sorted out. All that remained to be done now was to negotiate for a conditional amnesty with the Judicial Authorities. Jenni wasn’t overly concerned about that either because she was sure that once they saw the approved admission form for the Discrete Old Dictators Home they would review any outstanding warrants for Der Brain. “I will have to do some of my best negotiating to achieve an amnesty”, she told Der Brain.

“I could alvays arrange for ze bumping off of zese zuits, I hate zuits mts zere pointy shoes und ze old school tie!”

“No no, that will just make everything much worse. Let me see what I can do.  She made an appointment to see the amnesty committee the next day. Der Brain stayed at home packing his stuff for the big move. If everything went well she could be on her way home very soon.

And negotiate Jenni did, she cajoled and wheedled, she argued and pleaded until she was able to get Der Brain a conditional amnesty. In spite of his fearsome reputation there were no major crimes which Der Brain was accused of, the only obstacle was the kidnapping charge which had been laid when Jenni had disappeared. She declined to press charges so there was no real case against him, and the police were only to happy to have him where they could keep an eye on him. The way was clear now for Der Brain to enter the home and for our hollow headed heroine to return to her own home.

Then it was time to say Goodbye….. In her own way Jenni knew that she would miss Der Brain. They had come a long way together and while she had not managed to escape his clutches, she had brought an end to his nefarious plans for world domination. As a parting gift Der Brain had decorated her with “The Order of the Golden Egg.” She was touched, especially when she read the citation.

The Order of the Golden Egg is bestowed with gratitude on Jenni Amanda

In recognition for services rendered, for being a true friend and for keeping her promises right till the end. She has demonstrated that there is humanity, forgiveness and understanding, even in the face of adversity.

And then they parted for one last time. Jenni to her own home, Der Brain to his new life. It was an altogether satisfactory conclusion to this adventure and one which Jenni would remember for a long time. She would be seeing Shirley and Retro again and would be able to sleep in her own bed and get on with her life. “I need a holiday” she thought as she reached her house, “I am getting way too old for all of this excitement and adventuring…..”

To Be continued? maybe. Watch this space!

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