ERPM Memorial. Boksburg

This memorial to the soldiers of East Rand Proprietary Mines Boksburg, who lost their lives during World War 1, is to be found in the South East corner of the intersection between Main Reef Road and Pretoria/Comet Rds. The image was taken by Peter Moss and is used with his permission. There are 4 ROH plaques on the memorial  (3 plaques not shown)

Image by Peter Moss

ERPM Memorial

The small building in the background is part of the old mine offices from one of the many mines that were consolidated into ERPM under Sir George Farrar, whose name appears first on the memorial.

The first plaque on the memorial

The first plaque on the memorial

Sir George Farrar is buried in a small plot close to Bedfordview.

The grave of Sir George Farrar at Bedford Farm

The grave of Sir George Farrar at Bedford Farm

**Update 2016**

At some point the buildings shown in the background were being demolished without the requisite permission, although the demolition was halted it left the structures in a derelict condition. The previous owner of the mining village site erected concrete palisade fencing parallel to Comet Road, which cut off access to the war memorial. It is not known (2018) what the situation is like now. However, this memorial is in danger of suddenly disappearing and is now being added to my extinct list. More information regarding the 2016 situation may be found at the Heritage Portal

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