Edward Womersley Reynolds EGM

Edward Womersley Reynolds (1917 – 14/12/1955)  was awarded the Empire Gallantry Medal (EGM) for two separate incidents in Bristol in the late summer of 1940.

The Citation reads:
“Lieutenant Edward Womersley Reynolds, 101 and 102 Bomb Disposal Sections, RE.
On 17th August 1940, a 250kg bomb landed in a garden, but did not explode. On digging down 17ft, he found that it had a new type of fuse, about which no instructions had been received. However, he removed the fuse and found that it had a clockwork delayed action. This was of great merit due to the lack of any exact knowledge of this type of fuse. On 1st September a large bomb fell in Temple Street, wrecking the front of some business premises. However, on 3rd September an unexploded 250kg bomb was found in the debris. Reynolds, summoned to the scene, found it had a clockwork fuse that was still ticking; according to orders, he applied for instructions, suggesting that the sooner it was dealt with the better. Permission was given to attempt to disarm the bomb due to the effect on public morale. Lieutenant Reynolds removed the fuse and rendered the bomb inoperative. The risk in doing so was very considerable.”

His Empire Gallantry Medal was later exchanged for the George Cross (GC)

Edward passed away on 14th December 1955 in Birmingham and is buried in St Peters Churchyard, Harborne, Birmingham.

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