Downed Rhodesian Viscount Memorial; Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria

This Memorial, unveiled on 2 September 2012, is situated  at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. The original images of this memorial were kindly provided by Ryno Human and were used with his permission. I have since replaced these images with those taken by Igmar Grewar

The shooting down of these two Rhodesian civilian aircraft on the 12th of February 1979, and the 3rd of September 1978 has always been contentious, especially in the light of the callous and coldblooded slaughter of 10 survivors on the ground. The incidents did bring about reprisals from both sides, but no real satisfactory explanation was ever forthcoming from those responsible.

Sadly the truth will never come out, and any attempt to reach some sort of answer has always resulted in official bluster and denial. However, this memorial serves as a reminder that the horror and barbarity of warfare can affect those who are not in the military too.

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