Donald Mackintosh VC

Donald Mackintosh (07/02/1896 – 11/04/1917) was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions on 11 April 1917 north of Fampoux, France.

The Citation reads:

“On 11 April 1917 north of Fampoux, France, during the initial advance, Lieutenant Mackintosh was shot through the right leg, but although crippled, continued to lead his men, and captured the trench.

He then collected men of another company who had lost their leader and drove back a counter-attack, when he was again wounded and although unable to stand, nevertheless continued to control the situation.

With only 15 men left he ordered them to be ready to advance to the final objective and with great difficulty got out of the trench, encouraging them to advance. He was wounded yet again and fell

The gallantry and devotion to duty of this officer were beyond all praise.”

Lieutenant Donald Mackintosh was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery and he is buried in Brown’s Copse Cemetery, Roeux, France.

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