Deptford Borough War Memorial in Deptford, London.

I was on my way to Lewisham on the 436 bus, and bailed out at the next stop. Unfortunately it also meant I never got to Lewisham. Its locality made me think it was a Lewisham memorial, but it turns out that it really belongs to Deptford.

The soldier and seaman are both resting on their reversed rifles, a mark of respect  has been a mark of respect or mourning for centuries, said to have originated with the ancient Greeks.

The inscription is not too legible on the image, but it reads:

Deptford’s Tribute to her Gallant Sons,
Who were faithful unto death,
 1914-1918, 1939-1945

Google Earth co-ordinates are:  51.470935°, -0.029896°

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